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I presume you mean Scotch Whisky. You can find Scotch Whisky anywhere in the world. Supermarkets, Whisky Shops and any other shop that sells alcohol.

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Q: Where can you find scotch?
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One can find reviews for single malt scotch on Amazon's website from a myriad of people who have bought and tried a particular product. One can also find a thorough guide, complete with reviews and suggestions, online at the Scotch Hunters website.

Where could one find a Scotch distillery?

The country where you will find most Scotch distilleries is Scotland. Speyside is known as Whiskey Country but they can be found in the lowlands and highlands of Scotland.

Where is the location of scotch shepherds?

anywhere you want. in your house in your bed. ANYWHERENowhere. Scotch is a drink'Scotch' is an adjective meaning 'of Scotland'. The more usual form is 'Scottish', but you will find both forms in many kinds of writing. 'Scotch' as a noun indeed usually refers to Scotch whiskey. So a Scotch Shepard would presumably be found in Scotland.

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What is a scotch neat?

Scotch neat is a scotch with no ice.

What is the difference between a scotch and a double scotch?

A double scotch is two measures of scotch or any other spirit as sold in a bar or pub. If for example a standard measure of scotch is 25ml, then a double scotch is 50ml.

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Scotch is a variety of whisky but all whiskies are not Scotch.

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"Scotch glasses can be rather hard to find. I know you can get them at most liquor stores, and i have found the online is a great source to get them and most things in general that you may want."

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scotch, hop scotch and scotch pancake.

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Scotch pines are are very strong

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straight scotch

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Scotch is type of whiskey (an alcoholic beverage). The phrase about "a drop of scotch" would be used by someone trying to be cute or coy about their desire to drink some scotch. They are saying (usually insincerely) that they will have a little bit of scotch to drink. It is a convivial phrase for a drink of scotch, usually encountered in an invitation: Will you have a drop of scotch with me? Or it may indicate a small amount added to something: I'll have water with a drop of scotch.

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