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Q: Where can you find short stories about nature in filipino?
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Where can I find interesting short children's stories?

Just type to Google "short children's stories"!!!!

Where to find tagalog short stories?

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Where can you find short stories on Internet?

Type "short stories" (without quotes) into Google, and you'll be busy for hours.

Where can you find idioms in short stories?

depends what kind of story it is :[)

Stories about filipino values?

There are many tales about these values. You can find some in old story books or by looking online.

Where can one find funny short stories for kids?

There are quite a few places where one may be able to find funny short stories for kids. Roald Dahl, Francesca Simon and Valerie Thomas have all written very funny stories for children and their short stories are available to buy at Waterstones or Amazon.

Is Edgar Allan Poe recorded in anthologies?

Yes, in fact you will find one or another of his short stories in a vast majority of anthologies of short stories.

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You can't.

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American Literature has over 3,000 short stories in their library and even allows you to search by title to find what you're looking for. You can also try Short Stories 101, Short Story Archive, or Classic Shorts.

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go on short scary stories and a help you to help you

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At your local bookstore, you might also try looking for short story collections or look for literary journals that are dedicated to showcasing short stories from various contemporary authors.

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