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Claud Butler


Frame - CR-MO main frame tubes, cast vertical dropouts, snake seat stays, sloping top tube, suspension adjusted for short travel forks, Crud Catcher bosses, oversize head tube diameter for suspension compatibility. Fitted with oversize blade forks.

Gears - Shimano Alivio rear and Acera X front

Chainset - Shimano Acera X

Tyres - Tioga Edge and TT Direction Specific Treads

Wheels - Vuelta Airline aero profile silver alloy rims on Shimano cassette QR hubs

Brakes - Alloy linear pull design with alloy V brake compatible levers

Gear Shifters - Shimano STX 21 speed STI with indicator

Handlebars - Satin silver 6 degree flat bars fitted with satin finish SKI pattern bar ends

Stem - Alloy TIG welded Ahead with double Allen key fork clamp and front handlebar release system

Saddle - Selle Bassano Frontera with Claud Butler embroidery

Sizes - 18" (45.7cm), 20" (50.8cm), 22" (56cm)

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Q: Where can you find specification or information on a Claud Butler Kylami?
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