Bass Guitar

Where can you find tabs for Bass Guitar?

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go to the in the search bar search the song and then you will se on the left side there is a section that says guitar,guitar tabs, bass, bass tabs, and others click on bass tabs. then you can pick the one you think is the best(usually the closest to a 5 star is what you want).

bassmasta It is really good and offers a wide range of accurate tabs. Unlike other sites it is purely dedicated to the bass guitar so you do not have to rifle through pages of guitar tabs to find what you like. Highly recommended as the best site I have found

First of all, which instrument? The bass, guitar, drums? And you can find out by searching tabs over the internet. for example: You can search for bass/guitar chords/tabs on the internet. A good website would be Drums, I'm not sure... have some really good bass and guitar tabs and chords.

You can find bass sheet music and bass guitar tab downloads at the Bass Guitar Sheet Music website

If you're talking about standard guitar tabulature, one of the best sites is which also has bass tabs and guitar chords or another site which is the google of guitar tabs is

same as regular guitar, minus first and second strings. there are only 4 staff lines. there are 9 tabs in total

u can find it on but u need to first install guitar pro 5 to see the tabs... u can find it on but u need to first install guitar pro 5 to see the tabs...

if its tabs u want, go to ultimate guitar dot com

This site has some tabs -

Bass guitar designs can be found by browsing Google Images or the pages of Amazon. They can also be found in Bass Guitar magazine or on their website.

I reccommend 911 guitar because it can open tabs from that site and it has links to other sites that you can access to get diffrent tabs. I get my tabs from 911 tabs because it offers lots of varaitions for bass or lead (Regular gutiar). hope this helped and if anymore questions just leave a message on my messageboard and I will do my best on answering them.

This question is too vague, and needs to be made more specific. For example: Where can I find bass guitar lessons online? What are some tips for buying a bass guitar? What are some tips for playing blues on bass guitar? What are some tips for making my bass guitar sound more like an upright bass?

go under ultimate guitar or whatever you get your guitar tabs from and theyll probably have it.-jeffrey shick text me 466-5440 or add me as your friend on facebook:)

Just google "guitar tabs" and you'll find the guitar notes for every song imaginable...

One can find a Tobias bass guitar on site like Gibson or ebay. The Tobias bass guitar refers to the ones originally made by Micheal Tobias in the 1970s with neck-through construction.

Using the same score in the piano and guitar is extremely difficult and almost impossible for any piece. When transcribing to the guitar, the melody of the piano piece is taken with some corresponding bass notes to anticipate the moving. Otherwise, more than one guitar is used in the purpose, most preferably a bass guitar and a regular guitar. When it comes to piano tabs, which are very simplified than piano sheet music, can be straight away used on the guitar.

Because of music theory. The bass guitar is played in the bass clef.

Guitar tabs are for guitar players and drum tabs are for drummers. Guitar tabs tell you how to string a note, on what string and what chords to use for the songs. Drum tabs are basically the same except modified for drums.

4 mcr, go find it on tabs

go to and find the tabs.

First of all, a "bass-guitar" is not a "bass-guitar" it's a electric bass. To tell the difference between a electric bass and a guitar is the electric bass has a lower sound to fit into the beat and the guitar has a higher pitch sound, even a acoustic guitar.

We are working on it @ :) Now there are already 3 tabs. If everything goes allright, than we have 2 more tabs tomorrow :) They are already finished but Ultimate-Guitar has to accept them.

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