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What is the web address of the Betsy-Tacy Society in Mankato Minnesota?

The web address of the Betsy-Tacy Society is: www.betsy/

Will there be a fifth book in the mother daughter book club series?

Yes. The girls will be reading the Betsy-Tacy books.

What is the phone number of the Betsy-Tacy Society in Mankato Minnesota?

The phone number of the Betsy-Tacy Society is: 507-625-8056.

What has the author Maud Hart Lovelace written?

Maud Hart Lovelace has written: 'Gentlemen from England' -- subject(s): Fiction, History, British Americans 'Over the big hill' 'Betsy-Tacy and Tib' -- subject(s): Friendship, Juvenile fiction, Fiction 'Betsy-Tacy Books' 'Betsy and Joe' 'Winona's Pony Cart' -- subject(s): Fiction, Birthdays, Ponies, Family life, Parties 'Betsy Was a Junior/Betsy and Joe' 'Betsy-Tacy and Tib (Betsy-Tacy)' 'Betsy Was a Junior (Betsy-Tacy)' 'Heaven to Betsy (Betsy-Tacy)' 'Betsy in spite of herself' -- subject(s): Fiction, Juvenile fiction, Schools, Social life and customs, Self-perception, Interpersonal relations, High schools, Friendship, City and town life 'The Charming Sally' 'Carney's House Party' -- subject(s): Fiction, Social life and customs, Interpersonal relations, Vacations, Parties, Friendship, Universities and colleges 'Betsy and Joe (Betsy-Tacy Book)' 'Betsy's Wedding (Betsy-Tacy)' 'Betsy in Spite of Herself (Betsy-Tacy)' 'Betsy and the great world' -- subject(s): Fiction, Social life and customs, Voyages and travels, Self-perception, Interpersonal relations, Travel

Where is the Betsy-Tacy Society in Mankato Minnesota located?

The address of the Betsy-Tacy Society is: Po Box 94, Mankato, MN 56002-0094

What are the release dates for Hometime - 1986 Betsy-Tacy Home Decoration?

Hometime - 1986 Betsy-Tacy Home Decoration was released on: USA: 4 April 2009

What were Judy Blume's favorite books when she was little?

The Betsy-Tacy seires my a guy named maul

What were judy blumes favorite books when she was growing up?

The Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace

What is Judy Blume's favorite book?

On her website, she lists The Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace as her favorite book.

Did Maud Hart Lovelace have children?

Yes, she did have children. Maud Hart and Delos Lovelace were married in 1917. They had one son who died as an infant and a daughter, Merian Lovelace who was born in 1931. For more information check out the Betsy-Tacy Society (named for Maud Hart Lovelace's well-know children's series) at Deborah Fors, Executive Director, Betsy-Tacy Society

What does the name Tacy mean?

Tacy (Latin origin) means "silence." Or a nickname for Anastacia.

What has the author Tacy Dunham written?

Tacy Dunham has written: 'Marin Headlands trail guide' 'Wandering Marin trails' -- subject(s): Guidebooks, Hiking, Trails 'Hiking West Marin'

Why was The Besty Tacy books Judy Blume's favorite books?


What character did Lucille Ball play in the movie The Long Long Trailer?


Words that start with t and end in y - four letters?

they, troy, tiny, tray, tidy, tory, thly, tony, thay, tivy, toby, tody, trey, tway, tacy, taky, tavy, taxy, toey, tosy, toty, towy, tuny, tupy, typy, tyty

What are facts about Judy Blume?

Judy Blume is from Elizabeth, New Jersey.She graduated from New York University in 1961 with a Bachelor's degree in Education.Her father was a dentist.There were 3 airplane crashes in her hometown, which later inspired her 2015 novel In the Unlikely Event.Her novels for young adults have exceeded sales of 80 million.Her books have been translated into 32 languages.English was her favorite subject in school.Her favorite books growing up were The Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace.Her favorite color is purple.She has won more than 90 literary awards, including 3 lifetime achievement awards.The film version of her novel Tiger Eyes was directed by her son, Lawrence Blume.Many of her books have been the source of controversy regarding age-appropriate reading.She has one grandchild from her daughter.

What movie and television projects has Tacy Kneale been in?

Tacy Kneale has: Played Kitty in "BBC2 Playhouse" in 1974. Played Florise in "The Talisman" in 1980. Performed in "No Country for Old Men" in 1981. Played Molly Johnson in "Amy" in 1984. Played Jean in "Screen Two" in 1985. Played Maria Wallis in "Tender Is the Night" in 1985. Played Sandra in "Dead Head" in 1986. Played Linda in "Brush Strokes" in 1986. Played Jenny Fairfax in "Casualty" in 1986. Performed in "Truckers" in 1987. Played Jennifer in "Scandal" in 1989. Played Ruth in "About Face" in 1989. Played Graea in "The Storyteller: Greek Myths" in 1990. Played Jill in "The Upper Hand" in 1990. Played Sarah in "A Perfect Hero" in 1991. Played Solicitor in "To Play the King" in 1993.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ngor fu - 2006?

The cast of Ngor fu - 2006 includes: Jason Chen as Chuen Julian Cheung as Tommy Timmy Hung as Eric Sonija Kwok as Elaine Zuki Lee as Massage Girl Xiangjin Luo as Tacy Wei Na as Lawyer Martin Yuan Nie as Superintendant Mok Ray Pang as Bean Hailu Qin as Sophie Tsz Sin Lam as Kin Patrick Tang as Ball Eric Tsang as Jim Lai Gai-Cheung Kiu Wai Miu as Superintendent Wai Man Yeung as Monkey Shawn Yue as Killer Hua Yueh as Boss

What actors and actresses appeared in Truckers - 1987?

The cast of Truckers - 1987 includes: Paul Angelis Maureen Beattie Joe Belcher Kenneth Cope Philip Davis as Cowboy Jayne Dowell as Beryl Emer Gillespie Derek Halligan David Hargreaves James Hazeldine as Peter Picard Godfrey James Tacy Kneale Renny Lister Peter Lorenzelli Sharon Maughan Jill Meager Edmund Pegge Linda Polan as Mrs. Rae Pearson Lynda Rooke as Mon Caroline Ryder as Debbie Julie Shipley as Jill Rayner George Sweeney Trevor Thomas as The Eggman Judi Trott as Barbara Gerry White Philip Wilde Maynard Williams as Rollo Paul Williamson Anthony Wingate

What actors and actresses appeared in Red Dawn - 1984?

The cast of Red Dawn - 1984 includes: Chuk Besher as Door Gunner Johelen Carleton as Girl in Classroom Harley Christensen as Man on Pole Darren Dalton as Daryl Harry Dean Stanton as Mr. Eckert Sam Dodge as Man at Drive-In Jennifer Grey as Toni Krzysztof Janczar as Soviet Soldier Roy Jenson as Mr. Morris Ben Johnson as Mr. Mason Zitto Kazann as Political Officer Lois Kimbrell as Mrs. Mason Pacho Lane as Firing Squad Officer Frank McRae as Mr. Teasdale Phil Mead as Mr. Barnes Tacy Norwood as Rat Girl Elan Oberon as Alicia Judd Omen as The Nicaraguan Captain Radames Pera as Stepan Gorsky Raquel Provance as Rachel Fred Rexer as Tank Survivor Brad Savage as Danny Benjamin Schick as Russian Sergeant Charlie Sheen as Matt Vladek Sheybal as Bratchenko Sam Slovick as Yuri Lane Smith as Mayor Bates William Smith as Strelnikov Patrick Swayze as Jed Lea Thompson as Erica Doug Toby as Aardvark

What actors and actresses appeared in The Talisman - 1980?

The cast of The Talisman - 1980 includes: Dicken Ashworth as Dickon Thane Bettany as Theodoric Peter Burroughs as Nectobanus Donald Burton as Giles Amaury, Grand Master of the Templars Stephan Chase as Richard I Lynn Clayton as Edith Richard Cornish as Neville Peter Davidson as Strachan Lewis George as Earl Wallenrode Bill Homewood as Blondel Tacy Kneale as Florise Andrew Lane as Brother Hubert Geoffrey Leesley as Sergeant of Guard Anthony McEvoy as Scots Messenger Jane Morant as Calista Richard Morant as Conrade of Montserrat John Moreno as Philip of France Clive Panto as 1st Herald Clive Panto as Herald Joanne Pearce as Berengaria Terry Raven as Abdallah Bunny Reed as Executioner Ivor Roberts as Archbishop of Tyre Patrick Ryecart as Sir Kenneth Mark Sellwood as Archer Simon Shaw as Page Arthur Sweet as Charegite Simon Templeman as Gerard Malcolm Terris as Leopold of Austria Damien Thomas as Ilderim Damien Thomas as Saladin Jack Watson as De Vaux Andre Winterton as 2nd Herald

What actors and actresses appeared in Amy - 1984?

The cast of Amy - 1984 includes: Stuart Blake as Australian Broadcaster Ray Charleson as American Doctor Ysanne Churchman as Lilly Stephanie Cole as Cis Johnson Jinty Coventry as Socialite Derek Deadman as Man in Cinema Bruce Dukov as Musical Trio at Quaglinos Richard Durden as Captain Bill Hope Clive Francis as Jim Mollinson John Grillo as Bell Catherine Hall as Debutante Roger Hammond as Sir Sefton Brancker Denys Hawthorne as Col. Francis Shelmerdine Janet Key as Pauline Gower Tacy Kneale as Molly Johnson Edward Lyon as Bill Courtenay Roger Milner as Uncle Willy Stephen Oxley as RAF Officer Ronnie Price as Musical Trio at Quaglinos Robert Pugh as Jack Humphreys Douglas Reith as Jimmy Martin Ivan Steward as Reporter at Reception Chris Sullivan as Reporter at Luncheon Patrick Troughton as Lord Rothermere Harriet Walter as Amy Johnson John Wentworth as Lord Wakefield Paul Woodson as Bert Hinkler

What actors and actresses appeared in Dead Head - 1986?

The cast of Dead Head - 1986 includes: John Ainley as Henry Peter Attard as Det. Sgt. Cross George Baker as Eldridge Norman Beaton as Caractacus Edita Brychta as Young Woman Susannah Bunyan as Jill Simon Callow as Hugo Silver Ernest Clark as The Man Forbes Collins as Benny Gabriel Connaughton as Williams Norman Cooley as In the Country Pub Sam Cox as Sgt. Harris Winston Crooke as Clyde Mischa De La Motte as Shopkeeper Lindsay Duncan as Dana Cass Barry Ewart as Security Guard Eric Francis as Newspaper Seller Barrie Houghton as Det. Insp. Agnew Nicholas Hutchison as In the Country Pub Richard Huw as In the Country Pub Faith Kent as In the Country Pub Tacy Kneale as Sandra Denis Lawson as Eddie Cass Helena McCarthy as Mrs. Evans Leonie Mellinger as Angela Colin Meredith as Man in Love Neil Munro as Taxi Driver Stephen Oxley as Policeman Meriel Scholfield as In the Country Pub Michael Shallard as Policeman Ellen Sheean as Mrs. Epworth Larrington Walker as Stoker Barbara Wilshere as In the Country Pub

What actors and actresses appeared in A Perfect Hero - 1991?

The cast of A Perfect Hero - 1991 includes: Tim Barker as Farmer John Bennett as Reggie Raymond Brodie as Morrie Harry Burton as Peter Hemingford Richard Butler as Medic Tony Collins as Taxi Driver Beryl Cooke as Receptionist Robert Cotton as Police Constable Jon Croft as Bill Sedgemoor Charles Daish as 1st Assistant Director Jeffrey Daunton as Medical Orderly Jeffrey Daunton as Medical Room Orderly Mike Eastman as Polish Army Major Amanda Elwes as Marjorie Andree Evans as Mrs. Gascoigne Rachel Fielding as Jean Ian Fitzgibbon as Actor James Fox as Angus Meikle Fiona Gillies as Bunty Morrell Nigel Havers as Hugh Fleming Bernard Hepton as Arthur Fleming Phil Horsley as Photographer Boris Isarov as Director Tacy Kneale as Sarah Rosalind Knight as Sister Grice Joanna Lumley as Loretta Stone Derek Lyons as RAF Hospital Patient Christopher Milburn as Actor Fiona Mollison as Susan Susanna Newman as Receptionist Nicholas Palliser as Jimmy Macdonnel Charles Pemberton as Ted Nicholas Pritchard as Julian Masters Pearce Quigley as Douthwaite Jeff Rawle as Service Policeman Patrick Ryecart as Tim Holland Martin Sadler as Psychiatrist Leslie Southwick as Mr. Hobbs Miriam Stockley as Singer David Trevena as Journalist Frederick Treves as Headmaster James Villiers as Air Commodore Jane Wenham as Mrs. Hobbs Thomas Wheatley as Dickie Bird

What actors and actresses appeared in Tender Is the Night - 1985?

The cast of Tender Is the Night - 1985 includes: Guido Adorni as Carabinieri Captain Jean Alonge as Singing Soldier Nicholas Amer as Spanish Patient Edward Asner as Devereux Warren Barbara Atkinson as English Woman Patient Lynsey Beauchamp as Tennessee Girl Pierre Castello as French Second Teco Celio as Rome Taxi Driver Hutton Cobb as Collis Clay Terrance Conder as Royal Dumphry Dennis Creaghan as Albert McKisco Joanna David as Hannah Vernon Dobtcheff as Luis Campion Erin Donovan as Helen Keith Edwards as Major in Train Mary Ellen Ray as Mrs. Abrams Astrid Frank as Kaethe Gregorovius Matt Frewer as American in Bar Toria Fuller as Violet McKisco Marc Hadjadj as Nicotera Kate Harper as Baby Warren John Heard as Abe North Amanda Hillwood as Lady Caroline Sibley-Biers William Hope as American in Bar Frank Karla as Film Director Tacy Kneale as Maria Wallis Erwin Kohlund as Dr. Dohmler Piper Laurie as Elsie Speers Richard Linford as Wounded Soldier Ray Marioni as Italian in Bar Nancy Paul as Mary North David Pontremoli as Rome Police Officer Jean Reno as Dr. Dangen Rolf Saxon as American in Bar Louis Selwyn as Young Man Rosario Serrano as Spanish Woman Patient John Sessions as Young Scot Mary Steenburgen as Nicole Warren Diver Norman Stokle as Preacher at Graveside Peter Strauss as Dick Diver Joris Stuyck as Tommy Barban Timothy West as Mr. Morris Jerome Willis as T.F. Golding Sean Young as Rosemary Hoyt

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