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As far as is known, there is no banana tree on Big Nate Island.

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Where does banana grow?

Bananas grow on Balina Island 42 W 56 S It is a tropical island on peach trees It is very rare to find one on an orange tree If you do not believe BANANA BANANA BANAnA BANABA

Were can you find a banana in havest moon tree of tranqulity?

You can find it on Toucan Island near some trees (Selena's island) You can buy the ticket from Ozzie's Shop after you unlock Pascal.

Is a banana tree a tree or a herb?

A banana tree is not a tree, as its main stem doesn't contain woody tissue. The fruit of a banana tree (a banana) is a fruit.

Where is the peanut butter craker on Big Nate Island?

The peanut butter cracker on big Nate island is given to you by Nate.He gives it to you after you beat his game of hangman in the tree house or playground.

How do you make some bananas at home and easy?

* Grow a banana tree * Grow a banana tree * Grow a banana tree * Grow a banana tree

Describe a banana tree and how is a banana harvested?

a banana tree looks like a palm tree and the banana is harvest when the banana has turned from green to yellow from Rebecca aged 11

Do banana contain starch?

Yes, banana contain starch. It comes from banana tree. The banana tree is a plant.

Is a banana tree softwood?

The banana is the largest shrub and not a tree

Where is basho on poptropica red dragon island?

Go to the very left of the island and he will be the poet in the hut on the water with the banana tree outside :)

Is banana a deciduous tree?

a banana is not a tree, it is the largest herbaceous shrub

Is the banana a tree?

A banana is not a tree, it is the largest herbaceous flowering plant

Were do you find a banana tree?

A banana is not a tree. it is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. They are grown in 107 countries in the world. Originally they were native to tropical south east Asia

Can you grow a banana tree from a banana?

yes. seeds are in the banana.

Is banana tree evergreen or deciduous?

A banana is not a tree, it is an herbaceous plant and is not evergreen

How tall does a banana tree grow?

A banana tree is not actually a tree, it is an herb. Cuban Red banana tress can grow to a height of 25 feet.

Which have bigger leaves banana tree or horse chestnut tree?

A banana is not a tree but a herb. The banana leaves are bigger than the horse chestnut leaves.

Does a banana grow on a tree?

Yes, on a banana tree. which is a tree by name only, its actually a big grass

Is the banana flower tree the second biggest tree?

Yes, the banana flower is the second biggest tree.

What would a banana be?

A banana is a fruit of a tree.

Is banana deciduous?

banana is a herb not a tree.

How is a banana grown?

A banana is grown from a tree. It is not from the ground like some people think it is you can find banana trees is hot places like Asia Africa and so on

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