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Q: Where can you find the clues for Legend of Korra game?
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Is there going to be a Legend of Korra game?

yes after they are done with all the series of the legend of korra

What is the code for legend of korra the last stand game?

The code is noatak.

Will there be a Legend of Korra video game?

Yes, there will be a Legend of Korra video game. It is being made by Platinum Games, will be downloadable and will be released for XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC in fall 2014. A separate game is planned for the 3DS at a later date.

How do you get the yuan on Legend of Korra game?

Click the Yuans and drag them to Skoochy, if you don't drag them they just fly away.

Why did Rick call it the 39 clues?

Because there are 39 clues you have to find before you win the game. I hope it makes sense to you.

Why does JJ Ford trow a party westing game?

to find out clues

How does Angela find out crow and Otis's clues in the westing game?

she was snooping

Where can you find a Legend of Zelda character game?

How can you get kudos rock legend full version for free?

how can i find full version of rock legend game

In the Westing Game why is the genre mystery?

It is a mystery because they have to find out who is the murderer by using clues.

Where do you find Zoraz in the legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

There are no Zoras in this game.

Where is the letter C on the 39 clues find it game?

It's on the end of the bed by the teacup i think.

Why did Judge Ford give a party in the Westing game?

to try and find clues from the other groups

What does Angela find in the bottom of her bag in the westing game?

A letter and clues that read thy beautiful

What stores will you find Legend of Zelda skyward sword?

Game stop is where I got it

How do you find ken on barbie detective the carnival game?

just follow the clues and use a glass to find footprints! I can't tell you more because everytime you play clues and the guilty susspect are diferent! Good Luck!

What are the clues to the book called the Westing game?

Read the book to find out! In the back of the Westing Game book it has the clues and the answers to them. They're cross-out on what should not be there and there are the correct things that should be there. Easy as pie! Sorry I couldn't help more!!

Who was the answer to the clues in the will and how did the heirs find this out westing game?

Crow was the murderer of Mr. Westing, when Otis found out she fainted

What is the first Legend of Zelda game?

The Legend Of Zelda is the name of the first legend of Zelda game! easy!

What type of game is Treasure Trails?

Treasure Trails is a treasure finding game. Players have a scroll and they need to solve the clues on it to find the treasure. They can also go on quests and find items that can help them.

In the westing game why does turtle think her mother is treating her so nice?

Her mother wanted to find out what turtle's clues were.

What do the clues mean in the westing game?

The clues mean the song america the betiful

What did turtle think their clues meant in the westing game?

She thought the clues meant for her to buy stocks.

Where can you find the map treasures in the game pirates of the Caribbean the legend of jack sparrow?

dot know

Which video game has the most bosses?

I find all of the legend of zelda games have the most bosses