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The manual holds the code.

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How do you convert spatial code into temporal code?

It can be converted using a Shift register. A Serial-In-Parallel-Out(SISO) shift register is used to convert temporal code to spatial code. A Parallel-In-Serial-Out(PISO) shift register is used to convert spatial code to temporal code.

What is count register purpose?

The 8085 does not have a specific "count" register. Any register can be used, in the larger context of a block of code, as a count register.

Which one is used to change data from special code to temporal code?

shift register

A registration code for Sims 3?

****-****-****-****-**** That used to be a code, but Electronic Arts (EA) need the money from Sims to keep it running. If you really want Sims 3, ask your parents for it or buy it yourself.

What is register storage class?

Register storage class is a compiler hint that the variable will be often used, and that it should generate code, if it can, to keep the variable's value in a register.

What are the different types of segment register?

The code segment (CS) register is used for access to program code. The data segment (DS) register is used for access to data. The extra segment (ES) register is used for access to data during certain string primitive operations. The stack segment (SS) register is used for access to stack data.Any of these implied uses can be overridden with a segment override prefix opcode.

What is index register?

A register used to store an address of something in memory. Its invention eliminated the need to write self modifying code.

Can somebody give mee an un-used registration code for The Sims 2?


How can you write a code in sims 3 pc?

If you are talking about a cheat code, look up the code you want. Then, when you open up the account you want to use the code on, and press Ctrl+Alt+C . Then, type in the code, and hit enter. I have used cheats before as I play the Sims 3 on pc frequently.

Application of shift register?

shift registers can be used in CDMA(code division multiple access) in communication.

How do you download the sims 3 into a computer without a code?

You cannot download it without a code but if you know somebody with the same game you can use their code even if they already used it.

Nintendo product code?

The product code for your Nintendo product is found on the inside of the packaging of the product. The product code is used to register Nintendo games and systems on Club Nintendo.

What is a number code?

A number code is a unique code that matches a unique software disk. If you are asked about the number code on your screen to install a software then search for it on the Cd case in it or in the manual. Do not share your code with anyone, as some software companies may restrict your access to the software. This is because some software's require online register and if your code was already used you will lose the possibility to register.

Can someone give you an un used registration code for sims 2?


How can teens get pregnant on the sims 3?

There used to be a glitch or a code or whatever but they got rid of it with the very first update.

Definition or function of CX register?

cx register is used as a counter register

How do you update your list of games on the Sims 2 Website?

With each of your The Sims 2 expansion and stuff packs that you install, also register them on The Sims 2 website as you did your first one. The only difference is, instead of creating a new user name for each pack, use the same username that you used the first time.

Sims' position What is it used for?


Can you use sims 2 items in Sims 3?

sadly no, i had over 5000 downloads that i used in the sims 2, but they can't be used in the sims 3

In sims 3 community website it woulnt let you resgister because it says that its invalid when it isn't?

You have to have the sims 3 and get the serial number off that. Either someone already used that code, or it not real.

Where can you find the sims 2 castaway?

you can buy it at game stop i bought mine there but i got it used for 15

What is the function of Accumulator register?

it is a register used for all calculations in computers

Why buffer register is used?

Buffer register is a device uses to hold the information used during transfer.

Seial the sims 2 double deluxe?

this is the serial code at least its what i used o.o : b 42VV-VNHL-HTVM-BXS6-HELH

What is a direct page register?

This 8 bit register contains the most-significant byte of the address to be used in the direct addressing mode. The contents of this register are concatenated with the byte following the direct addressing mode operation code to form the 16-bit effective address. The direct page register contents appear as bits A15 through A8 of the address.