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Mantine is not available in the wild in Platinum.

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How do you get mantyke in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mantyke was unavailable prior to generation 4 games. So Mantyke cannot be found in LeafGreen or Fire Red only its evolved form Mantine.

Where can i find magetons evolved form on platinum?

Sadly you can NOT find a wild magnezone. but you can evolve a mageton by leveling-up in mount. coronet.

Where could you find the evolved form of burmy in platinum?

For Mothim, you must evolve it because it is not wild. Same for Wormadam

Where can you catch a not evolved Milotic on Pokemon platinum?

You can find Feebas the pre-evolved form of Milotic in the foggy room of Mt. Coronet however you will need to use a Super Rod in order to find it.

Where can you find the evolved form of kirlia in Pokemon platinum?

It is impossible to find an evolved kirlia in the wild. You have to catch a kirlia or ralts and evolve it. P.S. Its REALLLLYYY easy to evolve a kirlia into whatever depending on its gender.

In Pokemon Platinum what is a Gallade?

Gallade is a evolved form of Kirlia (Evolved form of Ralts) but has to be a boy Kirlia. If it is, then you can evolve it with a Dawn Stone, and it will be a Gallade.

Where in Pokemon platinum can you see the evolved form of finneon?

You have to get a finneon,and evolve it yourself

Where can you see the evolved form of kirlia in platinum?

no were. i think you have 2 evolve it urself

Where do you catch meta gross in platinum?

You have to evolve your metacross who is the evolved form of beldum.

Can you find duskulls evolved form in platinum?

Yes, you can trade it or evolve your own duskull. (Evolves at lvl 37) Not sure if they are found naturally though.

Is there a trainer that has a evolved form of lickitung?

Yes, in Victory road you can find a trainer with the evolved form of lickitung

In Pokemon platinum where do you find the first evolved form of sharpedo?

In the great marsh in Pastoria city with the super rod after you beat the elite four and get the National Dex.

How do you get likitungs evolved form in Pokemon platinum?

It'll evolve after it learned rollout. ITs at lvl 32.

On Pokemon platinum where do you find number 64 in your pokedex?

It's the evolved form of Aipom; you'll need to slather honey on a tree and you have a 15% chance of encountering Aipom.

Why is Mantyke called Mantyke?

It is a child form of Mantine, formed by the words 'Manta', from the species of manta rays, plus 'tyke', a child.

Where do you find cherubis evolved form in Pokemon?

The evolved form of Cherubi is Cherrim and can be found in a trainers party on route 221.

What level does ryhorns evolved form evolve at in Pokemon platinum?

lv 42 as always, rhydon then evolves if traded with a protector

What is vullaby's second evolved form on Pokemon black?

Vullaby only has one evolved form which is its evolved form of Mandibuzz. Vullaby does not have a second evolved form.

Where do you find unknown M in Pokemon platinum?

You can find the M form of Unown in the Solaceon Ruins of Pokemon Platinum. This form of Unown appears in the dead-end rooms of the Ruins.

Which Pokemon is number 135 in the Sinnoh Dex you Pokemon Platinum?

according to my pokedex it is lumineon the evolved form of finneon hope this helps

How do you get the evolved form of Snorlax in Pokemon Platinum?

Snorlax is known not to evolve into anything yet. But, if you have a Munchlax, it must have maximum friendship for it to evolve.

Pokemon pearlhow to get the evolve form of shaymin?

It isn't the evolved form of shaymin it is the same Pokemon. To get it you trade your ordinary land form shaymin to Pokemon platinum and it changes into sky form. Only problem is Pokemon platinum dosent come out in England until next December. Hope this helps.

What is the evolved form of buneary?

Buneary's evolved form is Lopunny

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