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Try painless wiring. You can probably find them through Summit or classic industries.

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Q: Where can you find the fuse box for a 78 trans am?
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Where is fuse for wipers on 1978 Dodge truck?

in my '78 D100 Adventurer Texan SE, the wiper fuse is in the fuse box. The fuse box? In the glove compartment...left-hand side.

Where is the fuse box on a 78 Corvette?

Drivers side, under the dash.

Where can you find a free fuse box diagram for a 1995 Ford Aerostar van?

I went to the library and they have books on all years and makes of ford vans . I found the diagram for a 78 ford vans fuse box and then photo copied it.

What does a 78 k5 blazer fuse box look like?

interior light

What is the fuse layout for 78 delta 88 olds?

Check your owners manual to find the layout for your fuses. There should be a diagram with each fuse and its location.

On 78 Trans Am where is starter solonid?

Mounted to the starter.

Where is turn signal flasher on 1978 corvette?

I'm not sure exactly where it is in a 78.....but in my 79 it's on the drivers side under the dash in the fuse box.

What is the maximum speed in a Chevrolet Blazer 6cyl 100hp 1974?

Standard trans, 78 mph.Automatic trans, 76 mph.

How fast does a 78 trans am go?

it will go 144 mph stock

Reverse lights on your 78 mustang II do not work?

Check bulbs Check switch Check fuse most time the rever switch in the neutral safety switch is out of adjustment it is located on the trans driver side .

How rare is a 1978 Trans Am?

Not very. It was one of the most popular years for the Trans Am. There may be some rare optioned T/As for that year, but the 78 Trans Am in and of itself is not a rare car.

Connecting fuel lines on 78 trans am?

what are you connecting them to? need more info.

Hom much hp in a 78 trans am?

Well over 400 hp.

Will a 460 CI engine fit into a 1996 Ford Bronco XLT and bolt up to the Transmission?

yes and no.the 460 is common engine trans plant into broncos in the older ones like 78 to80s or when a c6 trans was used. so the motor will may have to find a trans out of a truck 92 to 97 f 250 or f350.this trans runs of a the computer,you will need the trans wires also.

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On 78 or in 78? No. The Beatles disbanded in April, 1970. The Beatles Collection Box Set was released in 1978.

What is the answer to 78 percent of 40?

First find 1% by dividing by 100. 40/100 = 0.4 To find 78% multiply your answer by 78 0.4 x 78 = 31.2

What braking options were available on a 1978 Pontiac trans am?

For 78......disc front.....drum rear.

You want to make your 78 trans-am a convertible?

I live in ct. i would like to know if anyone out can help me with this! i would like to make my 78 trans-am a convertible? call me if u like 860-995-8773 my name is joe thank u!

Will a Munsey Transmission fit in a 1978 Trans Am?

Ive got a 79 camaro that I just put a m22 munsey in. There shouldn't be a problem installing one in a 78 trans am

What is the value of Mario Lanza 78 record?

box collection

How do you find the 78 percent of 9?

78 percent of 9 = 7.02 78% of 9 = 78% * 9 = 78%/100% * 9 = 0.78 * 9 = 7.02

Will the rear differential from a 1978 trans am replace the stock rear end in your stock 1989 GMC truck?

will a read end from a 78 trans am fit uder my 89 GMC seirra

Difference between a 1977 Trans Am and a 1978 Trans Am?

The only real difference in the body is that the 77 grille had honeycomb inserts and the 78 were diamond shaped. The 78 was available with an 8" Snowflake wheel instead of just the 7". The 78 was also the first year for the WS-6 option. This included quicker steering ratio, stiffer suspension, 8" wheels...etc.

What is 78 percent of 64?

64 divided by 100=0.65, which is 1% then simply multiply 0.64 by 78 to find 78% wich is 49.92

Will 67 Pontiac 350 bolt to a 78 Chevy c10 trans?

Nope.....unless you possibly have a universal trans. The only thing that will bolt to a Chevy trans is a Chevy. The Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Cadillac share the same pattern with each other.

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