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After the guy has come running to you and you complete the quest by slaying the vampire you should learn that he lives in the imperial city.

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Q: Where can you find the guy to sell your vampire dust to on Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion?
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In elder scrolls Oblivion i cant get back into the mages guild second suspension 20 daedra and 20 vampire dust The man at the guild wont accept the items even though i have them what is wrong?

If you've been kicked out once before, and re-accepted, there is no way back in if you got kicked out a second time.

When did Oblivion Dust end?

Oblivion Dust ended in 2001.

When was Oblivion Dust created?

Oblivion Dust was created in 1996.

Do you become a vampire if you eat vampire dust in oblivion?

No, you do not. You can only become a vampire by being bitten by one, either contracting Porphyric Haemophilia from vampire enemies, or by allowing Vicente Valtieri to turn you into one.

What is the cheat code for vampire dust in oblivion?

When trying to cheat your way into getting an item on oblivion, you must type in my trustworthy cheat code (hallelujah!), player.additem After the additem type in the number code for the item you want (Vampire Dust is 00009182). Once that is all typed in, hit the space bar and type the number of the item you want. So, here you are; player.additem 00009182 1 That is the cheat code for 1 Vampire Dust. Enjoy this heavenly console command cheat code!

How do you get gold dust in oblivion?

You have to kill a will-o-wisp.

Where can you find vampire dust?

Near a dead vampire

Can vampire dust come alive?


Do dust mites live in a latex mattress?

yes dust mites can get anywhere dust can get.

Where you can find glow of dust in oblivion for ps3?

If you are getting it for the daedric shrine quest there should be a will-o-wisp sowewhere close by the shrine. you need to search it for the dust.

How often must a vampire feed?

Once a week or they turn to dust

Why do vampire only feed in the dark?

Vampires turn to dust in the light. That is why they sleep in coffins.