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dude its pretty hard not to find the history of World War 2. there are so many books, videos and tapes its not funny. i suggest lokking in a local or school library.

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Q: Where can you find the history of World War 2?
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What is the difference of World War 1 and world war 2?

world war 2 is the bloodiest and greatest war in history.

What is the signifigcance of World War 2?

the significance of World War 2 is that it was the bloodiest conflict in human history and one of the most destructive war in history

How do I find out the history of my grandfathers gun from World War 2?

Send a description to me with markings, numbers, etc.

Was World War 2 the bloodiest war?

Yes world war 2 was the bloodiest war in the history of the world. Over 1 billion people died in the fighting during world war 2.

Was world war 2 the longest war in human history?


Was World War 2 the largest war in history?

yes it was

How does the current war in Afghanistan differ from World War 2?

World War II is the deadliest war in history.

How do you find information on World War 2 history?

There are many internet sites, such as There are also innumerable books on the topic, such as Winston Churchill's 'History of the Second World War'.

What did the Soviet Union and the United States emerge as following World War 2?

you will find the best answer by asking a history teacher

Where could you find information on Lemuel Pierce World War 2 veteran in Okinawa?

try BBC history on the internet

What era in history followed World War 2?

Cold War

Why was World War 2 the deadliest war?

World war 2 was the deadliest war in history because over 62,000,000 people died. Most of them were civilians.

Why does World War 2 matter today?

It was the biggest war throughout history of the entire world.

What country was not in World War 1 and World War 2?

Switzerland has a long history of neutrality.

What type of source is a recent book about World War 2?


Where can you find information on World War 2?

You can't find *any*? The only possible explanation is that you haven't looked. At all. Anywhere. I'll give you this much information; World War II was the *second* world war. Michael Montagne Just put World War 2, Second World War, or WWII in the search box. World War II was a definitive moment in world history. You'll probably never find everything about it in one source. However, there are many excellent books and websites about WWII. Do a search on Google or at Amazon for "WWII" or "World War II". You'll get many helpful results.

What contribution to history did World War I make?

Easy, think about it - without World War 1, World War 2 would never have happened...! Therefore, WW1's contribution to history was WW2...!

What were the working roles of women at home during World War 2?

Here is a good website explaining what were few roles of women in USA during World War 2...hope you will find answer to your question:

Where can you find unit history of the 381st Combat Engineers Battalion of World War 2?

I have a copy of the unit history of the 381st Engineer Combat Battalion in my library. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

Why was World War 2 the deadliest in world history?

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How did World War 1 affect history?

World War One had an immense impact on history. It displayed how nationalism can lead to war. Also, that war, brought about an even more devastating war, namely WW 2.

Does history repeat itself in a good manner?

not always, for example: world war 1- world war 2

What is the history of the 13th infantry in World War 2?

See "American War Library."

Facts about Italy's Major history?

World War 2

What happened in American history in 1941?

world war 2