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There won't be much information available. All the Kresge stores became KMarts about 1976 and I doubt if they sold any firearms before 1950 (everything in the store sold for $1.00 or less in the 1940s). The manufacturer, ERA, only gets one line in the Blue Book: "Previous manufacturer located in Brazil." The company made basic single shot, side by side doubles, and superimposed double barrel shotguns of the quality you would expect to buy from a Five and Dime store.

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Where can you find information about a 20 gauge S S Kresge shotgun made in Brazil by Brasileira?

Or Brazil and ERA? Inexpensive firearm (what would you expect from Kresge) imported back when Kresge was still in business. Probably not worth over $50 if it is a single shot.

Where do you find a site with a 20 gauge double barrel shot gun made in Brazil?

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What is the value of a 20 gauge shotgun made in Brazil model 151 and serial 841042?

50-200 usD

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CBC shotguns were made in Brazil and imported for sale by department store chains such as KMart. They are marked as to gauge, typically on the barrel.

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Gun show, gun shop, pawn shop, want ads

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