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go to zoras domain and jump o the blocks of ice to the cavern go through the cavern and you will receive the iron boots at the end

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How do you get the iron boots in zelda ocarina of time?

You get them for beating the Ice Cavern

Where can you find iron boots on Zelda ocarina?

As adult Link, head to the shrine where Jabu-Jabu was as a kid, hop the ice to the cavern, and complete it to recive the iron boots.

I know where to find the iron boots in the legend of Zelda ocarina of time but there is a red diamond shape over the chest where i get the iron boots and it won't break. so how do i get them?

you must collect blue fire and use it on the tresure chest.

Where do you find the heavy boots in Ocarina of Time?

The iron boots are in the ice cavern. You have to go through a couple puzzles and defeat a wolf, and then a chest appears with the iron boots. Afterwards, Sheik appears to teach you a song for your Ocarina.

How do you get into the water temple on Zelda ocarina of time?

you need the water shirt and iron boots then go to the lake and go down in the cave in the island

Is there an ice temple in Zelda ocarina of time?

No but there is a level called ice cavern this area if finished will give you the iron boots and the serenade of water song.

How do you get the iron boots on zelda ocarina of time?

The iron boots are obtained as an adult by going to the place where lord jabu-jabu once was and jumping the right path across the ice caps to reach the cave. Simply beat the cave, and at the end you will be rewarded with a new song to warp to lake hylia and a treasure chest containing the iron boots.

Were do you find the iron boots on the windwaker of Zelda?

Ice Ring Isles. Fire arrow on ice ring melts it. You have 5 minutes to claim the iron boots before it freezes back over.

How do you get in the goron mines in Zelda the twilight princess for GameCube?

get iron boots and beat the goron at sumo reseling with the iron boots from your villilg

How do you beat the giant goron on Zelda twilight princess?

get the iron boots

Beat the ice cavern in legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

There is no boss in the Ice Cavern. At the end you will find a giant wolf. Defeat it by hitting it's tail a few times. After you beat it, you will find the iron boots. Then Sheik will show up and teach you the serenade of water. To get out, put on your iron boots. You will see a square filled with water. Fall in it. Walk out quickly, because you can't breathe unless you have a Zora suit.

Where do you get iron boots in Zelda Skyward Sword?

You can't get the iron boots in skyward sword to go underwater you have to complete a trial so you can go underwater

In Zelda twilight princess where do you get the iron?

if you mean the boots you get them from the mayor of your home town

Where is the water temple on Zelda ocarina?

go to lake hylia (need iron boots and zora tunic)and you'll see theres only a bit of water use the iron boots and zora tunic to go to the bottom of the lake and use the hookshot to pull the blue thing that's at the top of the entrance and the way into the water temple is opened.

Where is the water temple in Zelda ocarina of time?

its in lake hylia under water u need the iron boots to sink and use the hook shot to hit the button when Ur standing on the ground.I forget where you get the iron boots but the water temple is painful(hard). if i was you id get a guide on youtube. for more answers add me as good luck =]

How do link dive 16 meters in the legen of Zelda ocarina of time?

You need the gold scale which you can win from the fishing hole as adult Link or you can equip the Iron Boots to make you sink in water and the Zora's tunic to allow you to breathe underwater.

How do you get iron boots in Zelda wind waker?

you go to the ice isle use the fire arrow if you have it.

How do you get past the geyser room in the Legend of Zelda twilight princess?

Put the iron boots on and you won't be affected by the geysers, but you will move slower. You get the iron boots from the mayer of Orson when he teaches you how to sump wrestle.

In the legend of Zelda where is the Wind Temple?

gale island u need iron boots and skull hammer

How do you pull the chains in the Zora's Temple in the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess?

Try putting on the iron boots.

How do you get iron boots in Zelda?

Go to Bo (the mayor of Ordon village(your home town)) and beat him in sumo wrestling.

In the legend of Zelda wind waker you have but 1 item you need it is the one next to the iron boots on the right what is it called and where can you find it?

on the hot island. their called strong bracelets or something

How do you go underwater on Zelda twilight princess?

Put on Iron Boots or Dive. Make sure you have a Zora Armor before you do it.

On the legend of Zelda the wind waker how do you free makar in the wind temple when he gets caught?

you have to find the hookshot put on the iron boots and hook onto the giant statues target to pull it over

Where do you find the silver gloves in the legend of Zelda ocarina of time 3D?

You get the Silver Gauntlets after completing the child section of the Spirit Temple. After defeating the Iron Knuckle at the end, go through the corridor and open the chest to get the Silver Gauntlets.

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