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Q: Where can you find the patent number for an Ithaca NID shotgun?
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How do you find the age of an Ithaca Gun shotgun?

By the serial #

How do you find the manufacture date of an Ithaca shotgun?

serial #

Where can I find a replacement stock for a Ithaca double barrel shotgun?

How do i find out when a patent number was registered?

You communicate with the Patent Office.

Where can you find a stock for a Ithaca xl900 shotgun?

Go to the "ithacagun" dot com home website for parts.

Where can you fund an Ithaca shotgun owners manual?

Ithaca may still be in business. Search for them on the internet. Check, and eBay for owner's manuals. You will find a link to the Ithaca firearms schematics page below.

Where do you find a parts manual for a Ithaca model 37 featherlight 12 gauge 2 and 34 inch chambered shotgun serial number 371175306?

What is the age of a Ranger shotgun that says Browning patent pending with a number of 30526 and where do you find parts?

The shotgun you own is a Savage/Stevens 520 shotgun. It was sold by Sears under a Browning patent. They first started making these shotguns in the 1920s. You can probably find more info by looking into the maker. To find parts, try Numbrich. Their Web site is They have diagrams of the parts and you can find most parts you need there.AnswerThe shotgun is at least 75 years old, because the last year it was made was in 1930. 1915 to 1930. Then came the 620 and 621.

Where can you find dates and serial numbers on an Ithaca SKB shotgun?

You can find these numbers in the manual that come with your gun. They are also present on the handle of the gun.

Where can you find information about an Ithaca double barrel double trigger shotgun serial 324199? - This guy worked for Ithaca, supposedly the best., this guy did the engraving for them. good luck

Where can you find information about an Ithaca double barrel shotgun serial 387706?

It was made in 1924, according to "Ithaca Gun Company - From the Beginning". Value would be determined by GA, model, and condition.

How can you find out when a patent number was granted?

The easiest way to find out when a patent was granted is to search Google Patents; the next easiest is to search the database of the patent office from the country that granted the patent.

How can you tell the model and year of an Ithaca shotgun?

look on the Side of the recevier there should be a Serial Number on the older Ithaca Model 37 the serial Number was stamped on the receiver by the magazine tune and Barrel . also if you take the barrel off on the bottom of the barrel you'll find the matching serial Number. then look up WWW.SURPLUSRIFLEFORUM.COM in their search engine type in ITHACA 37 DOM match your shotguns Serial number up with their chart .

Where can you find information about an Ithaca side by side with serial number 15153D4?

Look in "The Ithaca Gun Company - From the Beginning"

Where can you find parts for an Ithaca shotgun?

The logical place to look is at your local gunsmith's shop. You can probably get the parts you need online.

Where can you find information about an Ithaca side by side shotgun serial 103431?

the book is entitled "the Ithaca gun company by Walter snyder. it costs $90.00- $100.00 but it has everthing you want to know about the history of Ithaca firearms. available to order online from pbl

How old is a Ithaca sxs serial5207911?

I cannot find a serial number that high in any of my Ithaca references. The link below will take you to a good summary of serial numbers for Ithaca shotguns, you may be able to find your model and date there-

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge pump shotgun that is only marked with two Browning patents dated Feb 7 1905?

It is a Stevens shotgun, based on a Browning patent. Inexpensive.

How do you find out if a product has a patent?

Many items will have the patent number printed on or in them; patents are also searchable through Google.

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge Ithaca double barrel shotgun serial 225594?

ummmmmm i dunno got to the police station and ask for his file!!!!

How much is a Ithaca featherweight model 37 worth?

depends on the year and manufacture date of your gun . also do all the parts match by serial Number you should find the serial Number on side of the receiver (on newer Ithaca) older style Ithaca the serial Number will be on the Recevier (Between the magazine tube and barrel) then look up WWW.SURPLUSRIFLEFORUM.COM on their site look up on their Search engine type in "ITHACA 37 DOM" there you'll find the serial list number

How can you find the age of a Western Field 12 gauge shotgun with 5 serial numbers that is also stamped Browning Patent?

Gun Digest.

How old is a revolver with patent 51668?

A patent number will only tell you the EARLIEST date on which the device was manufactured, and the patent number could still be put on many years after the patent expired (although without any legal effect). For U.S. patents, go to, click patent, search, and type in the number to find the image of the particular patent you're interested in (prior to 1976).

how do I find a company if I know the Patent Number ?

Visit They can help you find any company.

Where can one find an owner's manual for an Ithaca Model 37 full length barrel 12 gauge pump shotgun?