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Where can you find the rear peep sight for a Stevens model 56?

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Try Bob's Gun Shop...

I have not orderded any parts yet from them, but they seem to have quite a selection of parts for the savage and springfield Stevens rifles. I recently was handed a model 56 less the peep site, buck horn and 5 round clip. The gun's not worth much, but it seems like a fun project.

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Where could a person find a scope mount or peep sight for a Stevens model 830?

Savage 325c rear peep?

Where can you find a peep sight for Stevens model 66?

Try the auction sites, ebay,, do a web search.

How can you cross reference the peep sight on a 22 caliber Western Field Model 59 rifle?

Should be a Stevens rifle, but the peep sight would probably be aftermarket. If you can send a digital picture of the rifle and a closeup of the sight we can probably ID it for you.

If one were to mount a peep sight on a Browning Model 52 what sight should they use?


Where can you get a peep sight for a savage model 66b?


When was a marlin model 80 made?

Model 80 1934 to 1939 Model 80-E 1934 to 1939 peep sight with hooded front sight Model 80-C 1940 to 1970 semi-beavertail forearm Model 80-DL 1940 to 1965 semi-beavertail forearm with peep sight

Where can you find a tang peep sight for a Remington model 12 pump-action 22 caliber rifle?

Was the peep sight more preferred on Winchester's model 69 22?


Mounting Williams fp peep sight on model 94?

Best left to a gunsmith

What is the value of the Stevens Buckhorne 22 rifle model 66 b?

AnswerI just saw a rifle of the same make and model sell for $135.00 E.S.Hanson MarylandIf it has the original receiver peep sight $175 - $220 depending upon condition.

What does the rear sight look like on a daisy model 99 champion bb gun?

They had a Small round knurled peep sight

How do you adjust a peep sight?

The specific type & manufacturer of the peep sight is needed to properly answer this question.

What does PG mean on a Remington model 514?

The "P" designates peep rear sight & ramp front sight, not sure of the "G" designation.

What is the correct rear sight for a Winchester model 94?

Most came with a tooth ramped iron sight.But there could be different styles depending on the age of your Winchester model 1894 rifle,such as a peep sight,a full buckhorn sight,etc.

What is the palindromes for sight?

peep i guess

What is value of mossberg model 142A?

Depends on the condition. IF it is complete with the peep sight, and the fold down forearm, there is a modest collectors interest- and in Very Good condition, may run $200 or so. Missing peep sight, etc, maybe $100 or so.

Where can you find a rear peep sight for a Remington 700?

gun shop, gun show, want ads

Is there a peep sight for the Remington Nylon 66?


Where can you find peep sight parts to .22 cal browning rifle?

gun shop, gun show

Winchester model 1894 30 wcf half octagon and round barrel also has peep site what is it worth serial number 231xxx?

the peep sight ruined the value worth maybe a fraction of origonal

What is the value of 30.06 us rock island arsenal model 1903 serial 393572 bolt action peep sight?


Did Winchester produce a model 94 with peep sights?

Winchester was very accommodating to their customers, so it would be possible for a model 94 to come factory equipped with a peep sight. But it would have had to be special order, standard 94's came with open, buckhorn type sights.

Does the pre 64 model 94 without peep sight have a brush guard over the sight on end of barrel?

Winchester buckhorns often came with hoods. Look at the sides of the front sight ramp.Are there slots cut into the sides of the ramp? If there are, the sight originally came with a hood.

Who made the Wards Western Field Model 38?

I have one of the Western Field 38 and after some searching on the internet I found a sight with OLD mossberg catalogs on it. it looks like mine is a Mossberg Model 35 with No.3 Peep Sight and and the mulit post ramp sight. I think the No.3 peep was a lower cost option than the micro-click. Mossberg did in fact make that rifle for Montgomery Wards.

Can a model 69a match rifle have a cut in barrel for a elevaed sight with a blank as well as the lyman peep sights?

Someone at should be able to help you.