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where can i find the second gym in Pokemon platinum

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Where is the second gym in Pokemon Platinum?

The second gym is in Eterna City For Pokemon Platinum. Which has a ton of grass types use fire or flying types

Where is the second gym badge in pokemon platnum?

it is on Pokemon platinum in jublife city

What Pokemon can you catch between the second and third gym in platinum?

i can't remember just search around and you'll find out

Where is the 2nd gym leader in Platinum?

The second gym is in Eterna City. The gym leader is Gardenia, who specializes in Grass-type Pokemon.

Where do you find Delibird in Pokemon Platinum?

to the left of the ice gym leader

How do you find gardenia Pokemon platinum?

In the Eterna gym in eterna city.

Where is the 8th gym leader in Pokemon Platinum?

the 8th gym leader in Pokemon platinum is in sunyshore city

How do you get to the second gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

you go through the route where Valley Windworks is and go through the Eterna Woods and you will be in the city where the second gym is.

Where can you find fire Pokemon before the second gym on gold?

the only fire Pokemon you can get before the second gym is cyndaquil, the starter

How do you find the 5th gym in Pokemon platinum?

beat the hearthome gym then the veilstone and then go to pastoria city and battle wake in that gym

What do you after you beat the Pokemon flying gym leader in Pokemon Platinum?

there is not a flying type gym in Pokemon platinum there is one in Pokemon emerald,ruby,and Sapphire

Where can you FIND dusk balls in Pokemon platinum?

you can find them in sunyshore next to the gym and in the canalave library .

How do you find the gym for the seventh badge in Pokemon Pearl?

In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum 7th gym is in Snowpoint Town.

How do you get the ticket for s s spiral on Pokemon platinum?

You go to the second gym and hack the game to get it

Where is the 7th gym in Pokemon Platinum on gba?

Pokemon platinum is for DS but it is in snowpoint

Who is the fifth gym leader in Pokemon Platinum?

The fifth gym leader in Pokemon platinum is crasher wake but you get the fourth badge.

When can you use gts in Pokemon Platinum?

You can use the GTS in Pokemon Platinum after you get the first gym badge from the Oreburgh City gym.

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