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Where can you find ultrabasic rocks?

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Ultrabasic rocks are generally found on earth's surface in areas of mountain building.

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What has the author Anthony James Naldrett written?

Anthony James Naldrett has written: 'Ultrabasic rocks of the Porcupine and related nickel deposits' -- subject(s): Nickel, Ontario, Petrology, Porcupine area, Rocks, Ultrabasic, Ultrabasic Rocks

What has the author F P Lesnov written?

F. P. Lesnov has written: 'Rare earth elements in ultramafic and mafic rocks and their minerals' -- subject(s): Ultrabasic Rocks, Rare earth metals 'Plagioklazy poligennykh bazit-giperbazitovykh plutonov' -- subject(s): Alkalic igneous rocks, Plagioclase, Ultrabasic Rocks 'Rare earth elements in ultramafic and mafic rocks and their minerals' -- subject(s): Ultrabasic rocks, Rare earth metals

What has the author Daniel L Wilson written?

Daniel L. Wilson has written: 'The origin of serpentinites associated with the Shuksan metamorphic suite near Gee Point, Washington' -- subject(s): Crystalline Rocks, Geology, Rocks, Crystalline, Rocks, Ultrabasic, Serpentinite, Ultrabasic Rocks

What has the author Jeffrey Y Foley written?

Jeffrey Y Foley has written: 'Ophiolitic and other mafic-ultramafic metallogenic provinces in Alaska (west of the 141st meridian)' -- subject(s): Ophiolites, Ore deposits, Rocks, Ultrabasic, Ultrabasic Rocks

What is Ultrabasic Igneous Rock?

Ultrabasic is a general term, probably first used by J.W. Judd in 1881, applied to igneous rocks containing little or no feldspar and characterized essentially by the abundance of one or more common mafic minerals such as olivine, pyroxene, and amphibole. Chemically, the rocks contain

What has the author William J S Zhong written?

William J. S Zhong has written: 'Compositional and structural changes in chlorite from some metamorphosed ultramafic bodies in North Carolina and Virginia' -- subject(s): Analysis, Chlorite minerals, Petrology, Rocks, Ultrabasic, Ultrabasic Rocks

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What has the author Kirk D Hancock written?

Kirk D. Hancock has written: 'Ultramafic associated chromite and nickel occurrences in British Columbia' -- subject(s): Chromite, Nickel ores, Ultrabasic Rocks 'Olivine potential of the Tulameen ultramafic complex' -- subject(s): Economic Geology, Olivine, Ultrabasic Rocks

Why do you find fossils in metamorphic rocks?

You don't find them in metamorphic rocks. You find them in sedimentary rocks.

What has the author P K Banerjee written?

P. K. Banerjee has written: 'Geology and geochemistry of the Sukinda ultramafic field, Cuttack District, Orissa' -- subject(s): Geochemistry, Geology, Ultrabasic Rocks

Which type of ultrabasic rock sometimes contains diamonds?

granite <3

What has the author J R McIver written?

J. R. McIver has written: 'Mafic and ultramafic extrusives of the Onverwacht Group in terms of the system XO-YO-R203-Z02' -- subject- s -: Petrology, Ultrabasic Rocks

What did the rovers find on mars?

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks.

What kind of rocks can you find gold in?

you can find gold in lava rocks

What rocks can you find in a cave?

cool rocks!

Where can you find most metamorphic rocks?

you can find metamorphic rocks in dry places

In which province will you find the flower pot rocks?

in which province will you find the flowerpot rocks

Would you find fossils in sedimentary rocks?

Yes, you can find fossils in sedimentary rocks.

How do you use rocks to find minerals?

the minerals are in the rocks

Where can you find igneous rocks?

Igneous rocks are rocks formed by magma. so the best place to find igneous rocks would be by volcanoes or where a volcano once erupted.

What type of rocks and rock formation would you find in India?

Some of the types of rocks and rock formation that someone would find in India would be sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks, peak, and stack rocks.

Where can you find the youngest rocks on the ocean floor?

you can find the youngest rocks on the top of the ocean floor.

Where are the rocks in spineworld?

you can find all types of rocks in the beneath.

When looking at rocks where do you generally find the oldest rocks?

in india

Where do you find metamorphic rocks?

you find them in the water