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go to YouTube and type:john cena theme song with lyrics

in this you will find a vedio which has some words on it click on it and enjoy with lyrics

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โˆ™ 2012-02-05 21:47:56
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Q: Where can you get John Cena theme song in written?
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Who sings John Cena theme song?

john cena sings his own theme song john cena sings his own theme song but he does sound different singing it.

Who sings John Cena old theme song?

John Cena does.

What is a good theme song for WWE?

It is john cena theme song

Did john cena write his theme song?


Will john cena have a new theme song in 2009?


John Cena old theme song?


Is john cena going to change his theme song?


When will john cena change his theme song?

no its raw

Who sings john cena's theme song?

John Cena actually sings his own theme song and is the first to do so

What was John Cena first theme song?

word life

Who sings john cena's new theme song?

John Cena sings his all theme songs.

What is the name Of John Cenas theme song?

My time is now by John Cena

What chords do you use for the keyboard for john cena entrance theme?

Them song

What is John Cena theme lyrics? The link above shows the full lyrics of John Cena's theme song "The Time Is Now"

Do WWE super stars sing there theme song?

i think that John Cena is the only one that sings his theme song. but no they do not sing their own theme songs.:)

Who is the artist for John Cena's theme song my time is now?

John Cena himself and Eminem and his Cousin

Whose band sung the john cena's theme?

John Cena sung his theme song. He's a rapper but he doesn't rap anymore.

What is the piano notes to the john cena theme song?

it f c k u

What is john cena theme song?

My time is now : - ) i love john cena and don't ever get fired again u cant see me hahahaha lol

What was John Cena's theme song?

John Cena's theme song is called "My Time Is Now". It was recorded by Cena and released in 2005. It was released as a single and then included on the album You Can't See Me.

Who sings cena new theme song and how it is call?

Its Called The Time Is Now By: John Cena and the Trademark from his debut album "You Can't See Me"

Does john cena sing in his theme song?

yes he does because hes soooo hott and hes a good singer

Download the john cena theme song?

---- [[User:|]] 23:31, 14 Jun 2009 (UTC)

Who sings John Cena sound track?

John cena sings his own song!

Where you download the new john cena theme?

You can probably download his theme song from a P2P program such as Kazaa or Limewire. Although I don't condone or reconmend this as it is an illegal activity.