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Where can you get Nike sb shoes?


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WHERE CAN I GET NIKE SB SHOES I recommend you this website

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No, but nike 6.0 and nike SB shoes are skateboarding shoes

== == shoes that are made by nike.

Nike SB are better they have better grip

Nike sb stands for "Nike skateboard" its a brand of skate shoes they made to challenge companys like dc etnies dvs and so on!

Yes. The company that makes them is called Nike SB.

nike sb= nike skateboarding

If one is looking to purchase Nike SB shoes these are available at Nike stores if one has a location near them. These shoes are also available from stores such as Foot Locker and Sport Chek. One can find these shoes online as well on sites such as Buy Skate Shoes, Amazon and eBay.

usually vans or nike sb or 6.0

nike sb stands for Nike skateboarding

Nike SB is my personal favorite

yes he skates for plan b and nike sb shoes

yes i used nike sb paul rodriguez 2.5s and they're boss.u can get nike sb from zumiez and other stores. Eric kostons low lunarlons are good as well but not as prods. cus when i was skating wit eric kostons i had a had time doing a kickflip but when i put on pros i landed it more easier and smother. so i suggest nike sb.

Niketown will for sure. Or try Foot Action, Foot Locker or Champs

All over the place. They are pretty common shoes. I got a pair from a Nike store. you can buy them from hundreds of online retailers.

check your local skate shop. if they dont have them, places like and have them

nike sb dunk a nerd converse

Not to mention that they are made specificaly for skateing, hence the SB (skateboarding).

Nike Outlet in Bend, Oregon

he wears supra's and jordans and also hi-top nike SB but not nike dunk beccuase that to common for him he said that in weezy blog

SB is a brand logo for Nike.

I would say the NIKES sb are better. Even vans that are designed for skating will not hold up with the quality and durability that NIKE SB offers. Nike usually cost more than vans though so you are paying for quality.

SB are for Skateboarding and regular blazers are just meant for eaither basketball or casual.

Nike 6.0 n sb,emerica,n a tie between supra vans n dc

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