Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where can you get Pokemon Diamond from on PC?


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You can get Pokemon diamond for PC from www.roms.zophar.net/Nintendo-ds/all

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to transport Pokemon from other Pokemon games to your Pokemon diamond you need to have six Pokemon in your PC on the other Pokemon catridge

There are officially no Pokémon games released on the pc.

go to the Pokemon center and you will see a PC go over to it and press "a" then click bills PC or someones PC then click depsit Pokemon.

Go to the your PC and click it on the Pokemon and click on release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are only available on the Nintendo DS.

it is a computer wich is in the Pokemon centure next to the healing desk

If your asking to have no Pokemon in your party, NOT POSSIBLE UNLESS YOU HACK.

to release a Pokemon go to your PC and put your pokmemon u want to release in the PC and click it and at the bottom it says release Pokemon

yes, just go to your pc, deposit and then release

You can't download Pokemon diamond and pearl, it's illegal.Better, you must buy it. :)

When you tap on a Pokemon inside of bebe's (or sombody's) PC, you will have the option of releasing a Pokemon.

there isnt. if there was a code relatead to that it would be all pokemon in pc or all shiny pokemon in pc or something

When you catch a Pokemon but have six in your party already, it gets sent to the PC. The PC can be accessed from any Pokemon Center. Just go up to it and press a, then select "*Player Name*'s PC" and choose deposit or withdraw.

Sadly no, but there is one to get all the Pokemon in your pokedex.

You go to the Pokemon center and you'll see a blue screen computer in the corner.

go to the PC anywhere and choose your PC.then click on ball capsules.

Go to a PC. Go to your PC on the menu and choose ball capsules.

If You Don't Have Action Replay It Is Impossible.

GO to PC select bebe or someone's PC. select move Pokemon. click on the Pokemon u want to erase. 1 of the choices iwll be release.

Go to the Pokemon Center and go to the PC and select the Pokemon that you want to get rid of, and choose release. If the Pokemon is in your party, move it into the box of the PC, and then again choose release. :)

You can find out how many times you have beaten the Elite Four in Pokemon Diamond by checking your PC in the game.

First of all you need to have a DS that can play gameboy games. Then you need to have gotten Surf and the National Pokedex. With emerald in your GBA game slot and diamond in the DS game slot you can transfer 6 pokemon from your PC in emerald into diamond from the start screen. Once pokemon have been transfered, go to the Pal Park in route 221. You can "recatch" your pokemon with the provided balls and they will be sent to the PC in Diamond.

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