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You download it on Fire red.

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What is Pokemon Shinygold?

Shinygold is a Pokemon hack that you can download on wahack.Pokemon.com. It is meant to be a Pokemon gold remake, but is obviously not a real game.

Where can you by Pokemon shinygold version?

You cannnot buy it. ShinyGold is romhack of Pokemon firered. You can download a ROM of the game.

Where you will you get the cheat of the game Pokemon shinygold?

The Game PokeMon ShinyGold Version does not exist. Related topics include: HeartGold/SoulSilver

How to get Pokemon shinygold hm surf?

shinygold is an unlisenced glitch, black market game, my advice, junk it.

Where is the 2nd gym in Pokemon shinygold?


Is Pokemon shinygold a real gamae?

no it is a ROM hack from firered

Where can you get Pokemon shinygold beta 6?

Not sure,but I think it`s not out yet.

How do you get the SS ticket on Pokemon ShinyGold?

This is not possible unless you hack the item.

Where can you get Pokemon shinygold version in the US?

Pokemon ShinyGold is not an official version; it is a ROM hack made by Zel. You probably don't want to purchase it, but if you download the Visual Boy Advance you can play it on your computer. I added some links for the VBA download and the ShinyGold download. It is a really awesome hack. Enjoy! ^__^

Where can you purchase pokemon shinygold not on the vba?

pokemon SHINYGOLD is not a real game. if you want a real pokemon game, there are gold (gameboy color), and heart gold (nintendo DS). you can buy either of those online or you can buy HeartGold from most gaming stores.

How do you find Legendary Dragon Pokemon in Shiny Gold?

i have no idea and isn't Pokemon shinygold a hack game

How do you get into the lighthouse in Pokemon shinygold?

You're playing Beta 2 of ShinyGold, which is a REALLY old version of the game. Don't feel bad, my cartridge had Beta 2 as well.

Where do you get surf in Pokemon shinygold version?

you get it in eutcreak city go to the dance place

Is pokemon shinygold real?

it is a hacked game that is fake but you can play it on your ds or gameboy.

How can you get to the lighthouse in Pokemon shinygold?

go to olivine city and so go into the lighthouse

When does Pokemon Shinygold come out in the US?

It is not an official version. It is a ROM hack of FireRed made to be like Pokemon Gold.

Why is lake of rage blocked in Pokemon shinygold?

because team rocket took it over.

Can you play Pokemon shinygold with a DS?

no, but expected in 2010, heartgold & soulsilver will be released for the DS

What platform is Pokemon shiny gold on?

Pokemon ShinyGold is for the Game Boy Advance. It's an unofficial Gold remake for Generation III of Pokemon.

How do you get waterfall in Pokemon shinygold?

you go through ice path and get every pokeball and one of them is waterfall

What is the best beta for Pokemon shinygold?

Beta 5 is what you want to play. It goes up to Fuschia City!

In Pokemon ShinyGold where can you get a TM Thunder punch?

Goldenrod Mart.There is also Fire Punch and Ice Punch there.

How do you get whirlpool in Pokemon shinygold?

You have to go into the Cianwood City and after you defeat the gym leader in Cianwood someone gives it to you.

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