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There's no tm for it. Pokemon can only learn it.

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The number of the TM for Flamethrower is TM29.

You get the TM Flamethrower at the Abundant Shrine.

Flamethrower is TM 35 and you can buy it in the celadon game corner

You can get TM 25 (Flamethrower) at the Mauville Game Corner for 4000 coins.

u could get the TM in the Pokemon lottery in emerald version

Palkia can learn flamethrower with a TM otherwise NO

TM35 (Flamethrower) is located in the Abundant Shrine.

You can find the TM Flamethrower in the Game Corner in Goldenrod city for 10,000 prize coins.

TM 35: Flamethrower is located at route 28 or the Goldenrod city Game Corner for 10,000 coins.

You cannot get Flamethrower as an TM, you only obtain it by leveling up...I know, we all would like another answer

You can find flamethrower in the Game Corner in Celadon City.

First, learn how to spell basic words. Second, there is no TM flamewheel. There is only TM flamethrower, and you can buy it at the game corner in Celadon City.

TM 35 Flamethrower can be brought from the Celadon Game Corner.

TM 35 it's available in the game corner prize redemption building in Celadon City for 4,000 coins.

The move Flamethrower is TM 35 in Pokemon Emerald. It can be bought at the Game Corner in Celadon City for 4000 coins.

Flamethrower: Growlithe can also learn Flamethrower via the Move Tutor in Goldenrod City (Crystal only)

TM 35 Flamethrower 90 Power 100 Accuracy get it for 4000 coins(80,000 pokedollars)in Game Corner at Mauville City

You can buy the TM at the game corner for 4,000 coins.

I don't think there is a TM for it but you can get a Charizard, it will learn flamethrower, then breed that Pokemon with a Ditto, then that charmander should know flamethrower.

TM35 which contains the move Flamethrower can be purchased in the Celadon City Game Corner Exchange. Talk to the lady behind the right counter to pull up the TM store buy TM35 to receive Flamethrower.

It is a prize from the mauville game corner labeled TM 35

Veilstone Game Corner Exchange, the TM (35) is bought for 10,000 coins which is about 200,000 dollars

Flamethrower can be learned by some pokemon e.g. Moltres. The TM can also be bought in the Celadon Game Corner Note:It's TM35

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