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well you can't buy it with a card its cash only buy it near water Ford at cindy's 24 hour game shop but i proberly took them all :P anyways try there should be 1 or 2 left.

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Q: Where can you get The Sims superstar with your sims cash card?
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Is there a sims 2 superstar expansion pack?

No there is only the sims superstar, not the sims 2 superstar.Sorry!Additional Details:I Have The Sims 1 And The Sims 2 on PC

What is the best game out in the world?

The sims house party and the sims superstar

Which sims is The Sims superstar expansion pack for Is it The Sims sims 2 or Sims 3?

Its actually i believe to be for the sims 1 , aswell as livin large, house party, unleashed, makin magic & many more...

On what sims do you get Avril Lavigne?

On the sims 1 superstar(?) or hot date (?)in one of the dowtown locations.

How Can i Play The Sims 1 superstar if i don't have The Sims deluxe edition or The Sims 1?

As it is an expansion pack, you have to have the sims 1 or deluxe no matter what.It adds onto the original to make it better

How do you install sims superstar without sims original?

You can't, you need the base game to play expansion packs.

When was the Sims Superstar expansion pack released?

The expansion pack The Sims: Superstar was released on May 15, 2003. This expansion pack was an addition to the original Sims series and was included in The Sims: The Complete Collection.

If you lost the second disc to Sims superstar what do you do?

By A new One...

How do you get your mailbox back after deleting it in the sims superstar?

I don't think you can

Do you need the sims 2 on your psp to play sims 2 castaway?

No Sims 2 is a CD and Sims 2 castaway has another and even if you have it on your memory card

In the game The Sims Superstar if you have trophies and you move house will you lose them?


What is the level 10 athletic job in sims 3?

superstar athlete