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The internet. There are many online Airsoft stores that sell Tokyo Marui guns.

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Q: Where can you get Tokyo marui airsoft guns in Toronto?
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Does Tokyo marui put an orange tip on their guns when shipping to California?

Yes, all airsoft guns are shipped with orange tips.

Is the Tokyo Marui Full Auto Tracer fully compatible with all air soft guns?

No, only with a few Marui selected models, or with airsoft guns that have a threaded barrel of the same size.

What has made Tokyo Marui popular?

Tokyo Marui is a manufacturer of air soft guns which is based in Tokyo in Japan. It also sells equipment associated with air soft guns. You can find out more on their website.

Who sells best quality airsoft guns?

The best? Systema but their guns cost over $1,000. The best for cheaper guns would probably be a tie between Echo 1, Classic Army, and Tokyo Marui.

What is a good airsoft gun that's upgradable?

There are many easily upgradable airsoft guns. The easiest to upgrade are M4/M16 and AK style guns, and other guns that use the same gearboxes. For example the Ares Tar-21 uses an M4/M16 style gearbox with some slight changes, but it is compatible with M4/M16 parts. Depending on how much money you plan to spend, you have a few options. You can go straight for the standard and get a Tokyo Marui, which is what all other airsoft guns are based on. Most after market parts are made for Tokyo Marui guns. If you are on a tighter budget, you can get a china clone like a JG or DBOYS with a Marui compatible gearbox. These are very good starter to mid level guns that can be upgraded with Marui parts. The only problem that I personally have with China clones is that the externals feel cheap, which I can't stand.

What does raising the motor in your airsoft gun do?

Depending on the mechanism driving the pellet, an airsoft gun can be ... they are at a disadvantage against automatic guns in close combat and do ... In a Tokyo Marui AEG, the motor drives a series of 3 gears mounted inside a gearbox

Who created airsoft?

Airsoft was created by the Japanese after their nation banned the use of firearms. The people still wanted to be able to shoot, so they came up with very realistic replicas. Now companies like Tokyo Marui create all kinds of different types of airsoft guns.

Where can you get semi auto spring soft air guns?

You can buy one from Tokyo Marui. not very well known, nor is it preferred. But modding a springer into an electric gun defeats the point. The "Tokyo Marui Gindan Glock 26 (G26) Semi Auto Spring Airsoft Gun" Is one of these. See related links for more info.

What is the ticker symbol for Tokyo Marui airsoft?

To my knowledge this is all still correct. I suspect the company is privately held. If I find out otherwise, I will update this. Good thinking, whoever asked the question.1. Tokyo Marui is a Japanese airsoft gun manufacturer. Although its main market is that of Japan, its guns are sold world-wide through a number of third party retailers.Tokyo Marui is not listed on the Japanese, American or Canadian stock exchanges.2. There is no U.S. stock symbol for this company. However, I have provided you with the company address and owner:ADDRESS:Tokyo Marui Co.,Ltd.4-16-16, Ayase120-0005 Adachi-Ku, Tokyo JapanPhone: +081-336053312OWNER: Iwao Iwasawa

Is it safe to use top gas on marui 1911-a1 gas blowback airsoft gun?

No, Most marui guns are not built to take Top gas... if you really want to use top gas on your marui, find an upgrade part that can take TOP gas

Is there battery holders for electrical powered airsoft guns?

Yes. There are a lot of brands (i.e. D-Boys/Cyma/Tokyo Marui) offers dummy AN-PEQ2/15/16 or D-BAL battery boxes that can be attached on the RIS or battery pouches that can be attached to the stock of your AEG. You can found it at an airsoft store nearby.

How do you upgrade the m85 double eagle airsoft gun?

Double Eagle guns are cheap Chinese toys. They cannot be upgraded. You should buy Classic Army or Marui airsoft gun, they are easy to upgrade.