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Where can you get V6 tamagotchis?


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2010-06-24 19:06:40
2010-06-24 19:06:40

i bought mine at toys r us.

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hmmm..... can you praise V6 tamagotchis?

7 OF THEM v1 v2 v3 v4 v4.5 v5 v6

around £12-13. or in the usa the v5=$12 and th v6=$15

U can. Well, only on the V6 that i know of. Hope this helps.

you can buy v6's (music) tamagotchis at walmart, target, toys r us, e-bay

on the music city website. you can only type item codes in if you log on to the pc, and press the first button.

Mametchi is the main character of all the tamagotchis! Or you could say mascot of all tamagotchis.

You will ge one by luck and luck alone. actually there r 2 special ones dreamitchi and dazzletchi u hav to go 2 music sity

Tamagotchis were first made in Japan in 1996. Tamagotchis are little virtual pets you take care of, feed, and play mini games. On later versions you can get codes and items and go on www.tamatown.com. True Tamagotchis have been out for a long time... there is V3 the first online tamagotchi, then V4, V4.5(Rare), v5, V5.5, music star(v6), world tour(6.5), and tamatown tama-go. There are many applications on this game, there is the info(age weight hungry happy skills dicipline etc.) , games, shop, food, mail, light, time, connect, and prizes. This you all can acess at tamatown.com.

There are Wal-Mart and Zellers stores in Barrie, and Tamagotchis are usually sold there. Happy Tama hunting!

you get the main characters only. not celebitchi and tenpatchi and the other tamagotchis. you get kuchipatchi and mametchi and memeitchi. all the main characters. :)

a tamagotchis adult is whan your tamagotchis grows up to an adult you cot marry your tama play new games.

It depends on who plays with them.

You cannot raise twins on any tamagotchi. The only tamagotchis that allow you to raise more than one character is the v5 and v5celebrity.

Its your lucky day! Tamagotchi v5s have just come out! In these you are able to raise a whole family of tamagotchis! Enjoy! Glad i could help:)

around the age of 5,6,&7

you conent with other real tamagochi

you can find them cheap at five below

For a V6 music star, press a and c simultaneously, and then select to turn the sound off. You can do the same to turn the sound back on when you wake up in the morning.

a 4.0 can connect with a 4.5 and a 4.5 can connect with a 5.0 and a five can connect with with a 6.0 basicly the newest tamagotchi can connect with the second newest

Yes, All Tamagotchi's Can Connect As Long As The Red Bit At The Top Of The Tamagotchi / Famalitchi Is Close Enough (15 Cm Max)

you have to take care of it all the time

there is no limit so keep it healthy!

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