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Q: Where can you get a Stainless Steel replacement carafe for a Durabrand 8 cup coffee maker model JC312?
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Where can one find a replacement carafe for a Gevalia coffee maker?

The Gevalia website offers a replacement carafe for the Gevalia coffee maker. A 12 cup replacement carafe is offered for $16.99 to replace the carafe for models G70 and G75.

Where can one find a carafe replacement for a coffee maker online?

You can find a carafe replacement for a coffee maker online at Amazon. The typical price of a carafe replacement would be around 20 to 30 United States dollars.

Where can you buy a haier replacement coffee pot?

Where can you buy a replacement coffee carafe for haier coffee maker

Which coffee mater has the easiest to replace pot if it breaks?

Any Mr. Coffee coffee maker can easily use any brand of glass carafe as a replacement.

How could someone describe a Carafe coffee maker?

A Carafe coffee marker can be described as a coffee maker with a pot, used for making beverages such as coffee and tea. You can purchase Carafe coffee makers online from stores such as Macy's.

Will the pouring area of the carafe become stained brown with repeated pouring of coffee?

While the carafe of the Cuisinart coffeemaker model is stainless steel, it can eventually get stained with coffee residue. The best treatment is to prevent this by always cleaning after use so no coffee penetrates and stains the surface. From time to time you can clean it with a diluted bleach solution.

Is a thermal carafe coffee maker better than a glass carafe one?

A glass carafe is better to use. In a glass carafe you can see how much coffee is left and is much easier to clean.

Is there an online catalog for the norelco cafe continental coffee maker model hb 5304?

Not certain, but I am looking for the replacement Carafe for that Coffee Maker. Would you happen to know where I can get one?

Where one can buy replacement carafe?

Carafe' is a general term that describes a range of liquid containers. Carafes might hold juice, water, or other chilled beverages, or used in the brewing of coffee or tea. If the missing carafe is part of a coffee, tea, or other brewing machine, look up the manufacturer or the machine and find their customer service number or website to accurately purchase a functional replacement. Glass carafes for wine or juice can be purchased through specialty retailers like World Market or Ikea.

Will a Mr. Coffee carafe work with any Mr. Coffee maker if they are both 10 cups?

No all of them. It depends on if the style of the carafe matche with the style of the coffee maker.

What coffee maker replacement parts are the most commonly bought?

Coffee pots are an essential part of most morning routines, and the most common replacement part is easily the carafe. Since it's made of glass and is constantly heating and cooling, it becomes very brittle.

What is the price range for coffee maker thermal carafe?

Macy's sells a thermal carafe coffee make by Delonghi for about $130. Williams-Sonoma appears to offer a thermal carafe coffee make for about $360. Based on those figures, generally, over 100 dollars, at least.

What is the glass part that holds coffee on a coffee pot called?


What is a thermal coffee maker?

The main difference between thermal coffee makers and standard coffee makers is that thermal coffee makers brew directly into an insulated carafe (instead of a glass carafe). These insulated carafes are designed to maintain hotter temperatures after coffee is brewed, and therefore they eliminate the need for a warming plate. Many recommend thermal coffee makers in general over their standard counterparts, noting that the glass carafe and hot plate combination on most standard machines tends to quickly turn fresh-brewed coffee acidic, while thermal carafes maintain temperatures without producing an acidic flavor. Thermal coffee makers tend to be more expensive than their standard counterparts, though if you break a glass carafe and purchase a replacement more than once, you'll probably have paid the difference between the two types of machines

Where can I go online to read about thermal carafe coffee makers?

Thermal carafe coffee makers are popular because of the quality they provide in retaining flavor and temperature than glass carafes. The website Consumer Research offers a good review of a variety of thermal carafe coffee makers. The website may be found at

Where can one purchase a thermal carafe coffee maker?

One can purchase a thermal carafe coffee maker at Bed Bath and Beyond. The store sells thermal coffee makers at their retail locations, and also on their online store.

How many cups of coffee does the coffee pot hold?

The De'Longhi BCO130T comes with a ten cup coffee carafe.

How to Identify Coffee Maker Accessories?

A good coffee maker can produce a delightful coffee when its parts are working properly. So, make sure these parts are durable, easy to clean and are available in your local hardware stores when you need it. Below are some of the coffee maker accessories that you will need to know to keep your coffee fresh. ❖ Carafe. It is a jug that holds the brewed coffee. Carafes are commonly made of either glass or stainless steel. Glass carafes can look good and are less expensive than stainless carafes. On the other hand, stainless steel carafes have their own advantages. They are more durable than glass carafes and can also keep the coffee hot and fresh for a long period of time. ❖ Carafe lids. This lid usually comes with the carafe, and you can also purchase one if you need a replacement. It also comes in different colors and is usually made of plastic. Carafe lids are so important, because they keep the heat and flavor of the coffee flowing outside the carafe. ❖ Filter. Filters are vital parts of a coffee maker, because this is the part that separates the ground from the coffee. There are different types of filters, but the most commonly used is the paper filter. Paper filters are less expensive, and at the same time are disposable. But this filter has its downsides as well, as it can absorb the natural oils from the grounds during filtration. ❖ Filter Basket. It functions like an ordinary coffee filter, but it permits you to brew more coffee. This type of filter is commonly used in restaurants, because you can place more grounds in this type of filter. There are also two types of filter baskets, including the flat filter basket and the cone type filter basket. Most people believe that cone type filter basket can make a good quality coffee, because oils from the grounds are believed to be extracted equally, resulting in a good taste. ❖ Flavor Control. This part of a coffee maker which controls the pressure and the amount of water that comes into contact with the ground. If you need a replacement on this part, make sure to note the right model before buying a new one. Hope this article can give you enough knowledge on the parts of a coffee maker and how they function. With this knowledge, you can easily figure out which part of your coffee maker might not be functioning efficiently and easily replace it or repair it if need be.

Is it safe to place the thermal carafe of the Venus drip coffee maker in the dishwasher?

Hand wash your Venus Drip Thermal Carafe.

What are the pros and cons of stainless coffee makers?

Stainless steel coffee makers will give you what their name states; a stainless coffee maker. The downside to stainless steel is that it is heavier than what plastic coffee makers would weigh.

What is another name for a glass coffee pot?

percolator or carafe?

Where can you get a new coffee decanter for Durabrand stand coffee maker cm418ot?

write the company. they are usually willing to help with the info.

How easy is it to clean a Carafe Coffee Maker?

It is usually easy to clean a Carafe Coffee Maker so long as you use the correct technique and soap. Thorough cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge makes it simple to clean.

Where can I go online to purchase a thermal carafe coffee maker?

You can buy a carafe coffee maker online at these sites.,,,, Best, Pleasant Hill,,Zojirushi KrupsCoffeeMaker.

Where do I go to replace a coffee pot?

The internet would be the first place to look and contacting the manufacturer for a service depot in your area. Most large towns have kitchen supply outlets that usually stock replacement carafe's.