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there is no way you can get a blaze the cat plush as far as i know... i think you will have to make it yourself!

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โˆ™ 2012-08-17 15:25:35
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Q: Where can you get a blaze the cat plush?
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Is there a Blaze the Cat plush?

An official Blaze the Cat plush is yet to be released.

What materials do you need to make a blaze the cat plush and a rouge the bat plush?

to make blaze plush say blaze loves silver. to make rogue plush say rogue loves knuckles.

Where to buy a blaze the cat plush?


Is there a Sonic the Hedgehog plush for blaze the cat?

There probably was but not now .(

Were can you buy a blaze the cat plush?

you could get one from eBay or maybe at toys r us.

Where can you buy blaze the cat plush?

you can buy them possibly on eBay. Try any store or ask someone.

Where to get sonic plush blaze the cat?

I would check Sonic If they have one, you can buy it of Amazon.

Is blaze the cat really a cat?

WELL OF COURSE BLAZE IS A CAT.No, they are asking if Blaze is real

What breed is blaze the cat?

Blaze the cat is a Lavender Burmese Cat.

Is blaze the cat gay?

no Blaze the cat is not gay.

Is Blaze a Cat?

YES that is why she is called blaze the cat

When will the Blaze the Cat plush be released?

I don't think Blaze the cat merchandise is available to the US. Not many people know her as well as the all too familiar blue hedgehog and friends. You should check eBay, Amazon, or some other website which will allow you to order Blaze plushies, toys, etc. Be careful out there though. :)

Is Blaze the cat real?

sorry, blaze the cat is not real.

Who is silver the hedgehogs girlfriend?

It's blaze the cat

What type of real world cat is blaze the cat?

Blaze is a cat, no specific type of cat was ever given.

What tv show is blaze the cat in?

Blaze the cat is found in Super Sonic

Where can you buy blaze from sonic plush?

There are no offical Blaze plushies, however some people on Ebay make plushes to sell.

Did Blaze the cat ever have kids?

Blaze the Cat is a lavendar female tough princes and Mobian cat. It is not known whether Blaze the Cat had kids or not. She was very tough in her own dimensions.

Are blaze the cat aqua the cat and honey the cat sisters?

Honey and Blaze are not related, and who is Aqua? A fan character?

Is there a Blaze plush?

Yes but i don't have one but i want one so badly!

Who are Blaze the cats parents?

Can I see blaze the cat father

What is dressup blaze the cat webpage called?

blaze the cat dress up that's all needed

Who is blaze the cat in the Sonic series?

Blaze the cat is the protecter of the sol emeralds in sonic the hedgehog 2006.

Who loves blaze the cat?


How tall is blaze the cat?

Blaze the cat is 95 cm (3ft 1in) (100 cm in high heels).