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The answer to this question depends on the use you have in mind for the valuation. If you are seeking a loan, or are dealing with litigation, you will want to seek you a certified business evaluator, probably with a CPA certification. However, if you are considering selling your business, or are dealing with investors, or are looking to buy another business you can use an online service, like to value your business. I used them for my valuation and was able to go into negotiations well informed. Good luck!

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Q: Where can you get a business valuation?
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What does the business valuation calculator do?

The business valuation calculator can estimate the valuation of other businesses including one's own. Business valuation calculators can be found on the calcxml website along with others.

What is meant by the term business valuation service?

A business valuation is a formal process to estimate the value of a business. Business valuation is a process in which a set of procedures are used to estimate the economic value of an owner's interest in a business. We offer a very unique blend of business valuation, business planning. Contact us at 6782354616

Is business combination the same as business valuation?

business combination is not the same as businee valuation business is the acquisation of new business in to another business to be one entity

What has the author Krishna G Palepu written?

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How does one obtain a small business valuation?

One can obtain a small business valuation by calculating the amount of income the business received in a given year. Once this is known, one can have an estimate of what their business is worth.

Is it necessary to have a business valuation report when selling a business?

Yes, first get a professional business valuation report once you decide to sell your business. Without the business valuation report it would not be possible to name your price. You will need a point of reference or standard against which you could measure the offers and deals. Or else you will not know whether a deal is going to be a profitable deal or not. Only when you have a detailed business valuation report, it would be possible to negotiate the deal when you have the offers on the table.

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What is the process of assigning a monetary value to all business transactions?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of business valuation?

As a business owner, or someone looking to purchase a business, a valuation is incredibly, well, "valuable". Everything else in our lives seems to have a price, but so often small business owners have no idea how much their businesses are worth. A good business valuation can be useful in tracking the success of a business over time, securing a loan, dealing with investors, satisfying an owners curiousity, and is a necesity if you are looking to sell or aquire a business. The disadvantages are obvious, in that the valuation is purely theoretical, and a business is only worth what someone will pay for it. I had my business valued by and found the valuation to be extremely precise and wound up selling for only $3000 more than they said the business was worth. It's all about finding the right valuator, and ensuring that they use the right method. The Discounted Cash Flow method is most accurate, and widely used on Wall Street.

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