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The Marlin 780 dosent use a clip, it uses a magazine. You can get these from


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The Ranger 22 was built by Marlin firearms, try a clip that fits the folowing Marlin Rifles. 50-50E, 80C, 780. You are looking for something that was built in the 1930s.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Marlin model 780 was made in the year 1978.

I can say that the marlin 780 series of .22cal rifles were discontinued in 1988.Maybe the marlin firearms company wb site may be more helpful?

Call Marlin Customer Service 800-544-8892. Place orders there. Part # 504046. Glenfield 20 is same as Marlin Model 780, except for the wood.

Your Marlin model 780 was made in the year 1987.

Your Marlin model 780 was produced in the year 1977.

Your Marlin model 780 was made in the year 1977 with the serial number that you have provided.

In 1980 the serial #s for the model 780 ran from 20,690,001 to 20,815,000. looks like a 1980 model to me. answer by catfishiowa

i order two for my model 56 on

Factory magazine for Marlin 80 DL $18 + $7 shipping at

That is a Marlin mdl 80. try website for gunpartscorp. look under Marlin 80.

It is the Marlin trademark, they put it on all there rifles or use to, it is the Marlin bullseye.

Yes, the same magazine is common between the Marlin and Glenfield models 80, 780, 20 and 25. The 880 magazines are a different design that is more narrow front to back and taller. try here $18

AnswerThe 915y that I have is single shot only. There is no place for a magazine. The short answer is no, a Marlin 915Y can not be converted to be magazine fed. The long answer is that with enough money and effort it could be done by a competent gunsmith, but I suspect that it would cost hundreds of dollars to do so.

Glenfield was made by Marlin. Check with a local gun shop.

The rifle was made by marlin in good condition its worth about 100 dollars. These are usually good shooters as are most Marlin rifles; its it a keeper. It is also known as a Marlin Model 80. Clip is still available for about $16 directly from Marlin.

you can find maybe four of them in Columbus Texas you will need to ask around for mr.potter which will be very easy and he has some that he will probably give you for a resonable price he does not own a phone but if you make the trip it will be worth it

Glenfield Marlin Model 25 rifles were patterned after the Marlin 80C and Marlin 780 rifles. The Glenfield name was added for sales to coast-to-coast chain-stores versus stores that were specific Marlin dealer stores. The Glenfield 25 was manufactured from 1979 through 1982 according to Brophy. Others would suggest the Marlin Glenfield 25 was produced from 1972-1982. Regardless, the Glenfield name was dropped in 1983. The rifle continued as the Marlin Model 25 until 2003, which then became the Marlin 925. Differences between the Marlin and Glenfied were purely cosmestic i.e. birch stocks instead of walnut stock, different trigger guards, and triggers (black instead of gold colored). It is still being produced in .22LR (Marlin 925) and .22 Magnum (Marlin 925M) versions today. Most parts between the Glenfield 25 and Marlin 780 will interchange with no problem. Some of the Glenfield 20 and 25 will interchange as well. However, not all late model parts between the Marlin 780 and Marlin 80 will interchange with those models made in the pre-70s.

This is the Marlin "Bullseye" trademark has been used since 1922.

This is the Marlin "Bullseye" trademark has been used since 1922.

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