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you can use the yellow obdII cable.

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Q: Where can you get a code reader cable to match an AUTO-XRAY EZ-READ 2000 code reader for a 2004 Kia Rio?
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Match up the two ends of the cable. Look closely at the color coding of the pins at both RJ-45 connectors. If the same colors are used in the same pin positions then the cable is a straight-through cable. If they are reversed at both ends then it is a cross-over cable.Sometimes the cable will be marked that way on the outside covering of the cable. Look for the words "cross-over cable".

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How do you connect an Ethernet dsl cable to the back of your modem if the phone line port is smaller than the Ethernet dsl cable?

You don't - you'll need an Ethernet card for your computer. A regular voice/fax modem is different than a high-speed/network connection, so you need a different 'card' (with a socket that will match your cable). If you can't find a socket that your Ethernet cable fits, then you don't have an Ethernet card installed!

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Suppose all pins match pin outs except one at each end and these nonmatching pins have no continuity with any other pin what is the likely condition of the cable?

its broken!

How can you find out which cable from the car goes with which cable from a radio The ISO connecters are cut off there are only colored cables left but they are not the same color as the radio cables?

match up the ones u can match, then try 2 figure the rest. speaker sets are always a given color for pos. and the same colr w/ a stripe for its counterpart. do your best and remember 2 try it before u re assemble the whole thing

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That year has a cable clutch linkage from your clutch pedal to the transmission, and it tends to wear and STRETCH, causing the clutch to not be fully disengaged even though your clutch pedal is pushed all the way down to the floor. It is a design flaw as there is no cable-length-adjustment. SAAB came out with a TA that instructs mechanics to use TWO (instead of just one) spacer washers when replacing this cable, to help forestall how soon this happens. There is an aftermarket replacement cable that has an adjustment built in. I postponed replacing my cable for about 6 months by shimming where the cable attaches to the clutch arm: I cut a slot in a fender washer so I could slip it over the cable without taking the cable out. I bent the washer to match the curve of the clutch arm. I then inserted the washer between the clutch arm and the ball at the end of the cable, effectively shortening the cable by the thickness of the washer...but eventually you will need to replace the cable. If you use this fix and later feel it grinding the breaking of the cable is IMMINENT!