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2008-10-02 23:14:38 and other places... check animal rescue things or just Google exotic animal dealers in your area.. make sure its legal in your area to keep them though


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the fruit bat is a fruit bat animals called bat they live in palawan

a fruit bat eats fruit hense the name fruit bat

A owl can eat a Fruit bat or any kind of bat.

The fruit bat is in the kingdom Animalia.

the color of the fruit bat is black

The class of a fruit bat is Mammalia.

There are a186 total extant species, which include such species as the Nendo tube-nosed fruit bat, the Borneo fruit bat and Salim Ali's fruit bat.

A fruit bat is the prey of an owl

eagle can eat fruit bat!

sun, fruit tree,fruit bat,wolf,decomposers

Some bats eat fruit some eat meat, The fruit bat eat fruit.

The size of a fruit bat depends on which breed of bat is being asked about. A Australian fruit bat is around thirty inches in size when full grown. Through a straw fruit bat is five to six foot in length.

Pohle's Fruit Bat was created in 1943.

Red Fruit Bat was created in 1820.

D'Anchieta's Fruit Bat was created in 1900.

Seychelles fruit bat was created in 1792.

Zenker's Fruit Bat was created in 1894.

Swift Fruit Bat was created in 1870.

Luzon Fruit Bat was created in 1969.

Pygmy Fruit Bat was created in 1923.

Ceram fruit bat was created in 1867.

No. A fruit bat (Pteropodidae) is a species of flying mammals.

the width of a common fruit bat is 74 cm

Egyptian fruit bat weighs 2.9-6 oz.

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