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How do you add or change a trade on Advance map Pokemon?

You add or change a trade on advance map in Pokemon by accessing the map feature and choosing editing options.

Hoe programmeer je op advance map in Pokemon fire red of LeafGreen dat mensen je volgen zoals de pickachu in Pokemon yellow?

what language you are speaking

Where is the dotted hole in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in your town map

How do you get map editor for Pokemon emerald?

download Advance Map

How do you hack your Pokemon ruby?

advance map

How do you change the beginning Pokemon in emerald using advance map?

You can´t change starters in advance map but try downloading advance starter.

Why cant you create Pokemon in advance map?

Advance Map is only for editing the Pokemon ROM. You can't edit Pokemon data with it. That's how they made it. There are other programs that can edit Pokemon data though.

Where do you get advanced map?

Advance Map: Pokemon ROMS:

Is there something like Pokemon Advance Map for NDS?


Is there a map of the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes, but not in game. You may purchase a Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen Official Guide, which includes the map at page 68 (Nintendo Power Edition) or you could try searching it on the internet. Google it.Cinnibar island.

Is there a program like advance map for Pokemon on mac?


Why you cannot use Advance Map or any other Advance on Pokemon sienna?

because you CANT

Where do you catch Zapdos on Pokemon LeafGreen?

A factory somewhere last place on map

Where to get a map in Pokemon LeafGreen?

go into your rivals house and talk to his sister and she gives it to you

How do i get behind the boxes in the old woman's house on island 7 in leafgreen?

You can't get behind it. But you can hack it with Advance Map.:)

Pokemon Ruby hacking tools?

Text Edit :Advance Text , Thingy , Hexecute Map Editor :Advance Map Just go to

How do you get the map in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to your rival's house (next to yours) and his sister will give it to you.

How do track Pokemon with your pokedex in LeafGreen?

if you own a Pokemon lets say magikarp the red areas on the map on the pokedex are where you can find it.

Where in the safari zone is surf in Pokemon LeafGreen?

all you had to do was look at ur map its in FUCHSIA city

How do you make the guy in front of the steel door get out of the way Pokemon LeafGreen?

Specify which place on the map?

On Pokemon LeafGreen how do you get trough Victory Road?

The easiest way is to print out a map off the internet

Where do you get a region map in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You go to your rival's sister who is in the house next to yours in Pallet Town and she'll give you the Town Map.

How do you add the maps you create with advance map into Pokemon games?

you insert it in by clicking INSERT MAP. It's pretty obvious to me

What hacking tools are there to hack Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon Fire Red?

To hack the game on tour gameboy, or ds, buy a gameshark or Action Replay. To hack the ROM on your computer, there are so many things that you can use. Advance Text - to edit the text, Advance Map - To edit the map, Overworld Editor - To edit sprites.... Tons more. You can find all this stuff here; Hope this helps

How Do You Get Passed Victory Road in Pokemon Leafgreen?

Use the map on this