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Who directed Good Luck Charlie and ant farm?

Phil Lewis directed good luck Charlie.Phil Lewis,Adam Weissman,and Bob Koherr directed Ant Farm.

How mush fun is an ant farm?

An ant farm is fun but also boring.

How so you get to the forbidden ant farm in extreme ant farm survival?

you tell me

Who is Jake short from ANT farm father?

he don have a father on ant farm

When was Alien Ant Farm created?

Alien Ant Farm was created in 1996.

Is there such thing as an ANT FARM?

Yes there is such thing as an ant farm it is made for family's of ants and for the queen ant to have babys

Is a queen ant important in an antfarm?

Without a queen ant there is no ant farm. The ant farm will die out in a few weeks without one.

Who discovered the ant?

Alien Ant Farm

What is Ant house name?

ant farm

Is ant farm a good show?

It is a great show and also "shake it up" is a good show.

How old is ant farm?

"Uncle Milton's Ant Farm" has been in business since 1956 .

How old is stefanie Scott from ant farm?

Stephanie scott in Ant farm is 14 can you believe it

Why is pasley and Cameron from ant farm not on ant farm anymore?

They are both young adults now.

How would you measure an ant on ant farm?

With a scale

What is the name of an ant habitat?

In the wild, an ant colony. As pets, an ant farm.

What are ant houses called?

If domestic, it is an ant farm. If in the wild, it is an ant hill.

What metric unit of mass would you use to measure an ant farm?

For an ant farm, I would suggest a kilogram. For an individual ant, a milligram.

How do many episodes of ANT Farm are there?

According to the Ant Farm wiki, they show Gibson 66 times.

Is there going to be a season 2 of ANT Farm?

There is going to be a secened season of ant farm but nobody knows when

What is the episode for ant farm in halloween?

mutANT farm

Who is lexis sister in ant farm?

paisley is NOT lexi's sister.........actually lexie dose NOT have a sister in ant farm....and if she dose she has not been metioned or seen in ant farm......and paisley if her bff fyi.

Made in china ANT brain teaser?

Ant farm

What does ant stands for on ant farm?

advanced natural talents

Where can i get a queen ant for an ant farm?

The ground underneath colonies.

How do you audition for ant farm?

You have to impress the queen ant :-o

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