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Where can you get a pistol grip for a Steven Savage Model 94?

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Did you ever find one? I'd like one also.

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Does anyone make a pistol-grip stock for a Savage Model 110?

custom proposition

Is there a pistol grip for a springfield model 67b?


Can you put a pistol grip on a springfield model 67F?


Can you install a pistol grip on a savage 350 shotgun?

If you are speaking of having only a pistol grip & not a stock, the answer is NO. If you wish to add a pistol grip & have the stock on at the same time, the answer is maybe, it is a matter of how much gunsmithing you wish to pay for. In general, a good gunsmith can do anything if you have the money and it is legal. lcj

Did Savage Arms ever make a model or caliber 25-20?

The answer to your question is yes.The only firearm made by savage in 25-20 caliber was the model 219 single shot.It was a 26in barrel,open sighted hammerless,breakopen top lever with a plain pistol grip stock.The model 219 was made by savage between the years 1938-1965.

Where is the serial number on a savage model 6?

Before '68, serial numbers weren't required, so it may not have one. However, if the pistol grip is checkered it is a pre 45 if not it is pre 68

Where can you find information on a Savage 755A 16 gauge shotgun?

The savage model 755a was the follow up model to the Savage model 720 auto loading shotgun which was made with John M Brownings patent.The model 755A was available in 12,or 16 gauge with a barrel length of 26in,28in,or 30in.Various chokes,rounded off receiver,and checkered pistol grip stock.These were produced from 1949-1958.

How old is a 22 caliber Savage pump action rifle with an octagon barrel serial 33023?

Without saying the model number in your question? The best that I can do is say that you may have 1 of 2 models.The savage model 25 had a octagon barrel and a pump action,open sights,takedown,hammerless,tube magazine,plain pistol grip stock.These were made between 1925-1929.The second model is the model 29.These pump action .22cal rifles had a 22in.octagon barrel until 1940,open sights,checkered pistol grip stock on the pre-war version.these were made by savage between 1929-1967.

When do you get a pistol grip for a springfield model 67h 12 ga shotgun?


Is there pistol grip stocks for a hr topper model 58?

midway usa has a pistol grip that fit h&r and NEF shotguns (shop by make and model )go down to h&r on list and go from there

Where to find grip for Model 85 pistol?

Can't be answered until you provide who made it.

Did the western field model twelve gauge shotgun come with a pistol grip?


Finding the year of savage 6A rifle?

Made from 1938 to 1968 Pre-war models had a checkered pistol-grip stock.

Savage arms 32 cal pistol?

Savage made three .32 ACP automatic pistols: model 1907, made 1908-1920 model 1915, made 1915-1916 model 1917, made 1920-1926 These were also made in .380. You should be able to find photos of each one on the internet -- they are easy to tell apart, especially by looking at the shape of the pistol and the grip. It is not uncommon to find references to other Savage automatics, such as the model 1904, model 1905, model 1908, model 1909, model 1910, etc -- these are mis-identifications of one of the above three models, usually a model 1907, sometimes a model 1915, and occasionally a model 1917.

What is the letter c in front of the serial number on a savage model 99e?

I believe that the C before the serial number on your savage model 99E means carbine.These would have had a 22in barrel,checkered pistol grip stock,5 shot rotary magazine.they were made from 1960-1982,in 243win,250sav,300sav,or 308 win.

Does anyone make a pistol grip for eastfield model 916?

No, but you could probably adapt one.

What is the procedure for removing a pistol grip from a Winchester model 1300 defender?

Best left to a gunsmith

Where can you find a pistol grip kit for a 12-gauge Sears model 200?

Even though that gun was made by Wiinchester and is basically the same as the Model 1200, the trigger guard and stock are different and those parts from the Model 1200 will NOT interchange. There is no commercially available pistol grip kit for the Sears Model 200.

What year Savage rifle model 29B made?

Your Savage model 29B was made from 1929-1967.The early made rifles had a 22in.octagon barrel until 1940.All barrels were round after 1945.The pre war rifles also had open sights and a checkered pistol grip stock.After the war all stocks were plain uncheckered wood.

Will pistol grip fit on bb gun handles?

some may and some may not, it depends on the model.

Does Marlin make a 44 mag or 45 cal rifle with a pistol grip stock?

Don't think so. That is the Marlin 1894S, and all that I have seen have the straight stock, unlike the Model 336 with a pistol grip stock..

What is the meaning of soldering gun?

That is an electric soldering machine with a 'pistol' type grip, that switches on when you press the trigger.That is an electric soldering machine with a 'pistol' type grip.

Where can you get a pistol grip for a j c Higgins model 85?

they are avaliable from "vintage gun grips, inc."

Where can you get a pistol grip for a Stevens model 67 series e 12 gauge shotgun?

You can purchase the pistol grip for a Stevens model 67 series E 12 gauge shotgun at most gun stores and at most gun shows. You can also purchase this type of accessory at hunting supply stores.

Where can you find a plastic grip for a J C Higgins model 85 22 caliber pistol?