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where can you get a bolt and clip for jc Higgins 22cal model42-103

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Wat is the value of 22 caliber sears and roebuck model 340530430 lever action rifle

The gun was made by Marlin for Sears. We carry a complete line of new parts for that gun, as well as stocks.

That is basically a Savage Model 94 as made for Sears. Stocks are widely available from internet sources.

Not too sure but I do know a Sears Model 300 barrel (their clone of the 1400) will not fit a 1400 action.

The Model 53 30-06 rifle was manufactured for Sears by Winchester. It's a cheaper version of their Model 70.

the model 101.5410 is made by sears, roebuck and co.

If your Ranger is a bolt action .22, it is likely a Marlin Model 80 made for Sears.

part# 141114 21 3/4" x 2 1/2" Mulcher about $20.00 from Sears

I think it was Marlin. For sure it was Marlin

You can contact Sears customer service and have them send you one. You can also get them from gun shops.

Made by Savage for Sears. We still have magazines available.

A Sears 30-30 model 54 lever action rifle is valued at approximately $250, however, the value can vary based on the rifle's condition. This rifle was manufactured by Winchester.

the model 583.16 is a j.c. Higgins "model 10" bolt action. sears has issued a volentary recall on them. at the time of the recall they were offering a $160 "finders fee" for the return of the bolt from the shotgun .

sears parts dept... in the parts section...or bring a model number to sears parts center and order.

That was a H&R Model 121 that they sold through Sears back in the 50's