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Start with - they sometimes have Hopkins & Allen parts

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Who has a stock for a WP Wonder shotgun?

I need a stock for a 16 gauge WP Wonder shotgun singleshot?

The question was what is the value of a 16ga singleshot shotgun with OCOEE stamped on the side?

50-100 or so

Where can you find information about a mass arms chickopeefalls mass 12ga chokebored singleshot shotgun?

Library, gun shop, gun shows.

Any information on revelation model 350-series k 20ga singleshot shotgun?

Remington model 350 series k 20 ga shotgun. A very nice gun

Need forearm for marlin model 49 shotgun?

i have a forearm for a model 49 email me to know more

Forearm for a wh hamilton double barrel shotgun?


How do you find the age of a Harrington and Richardson singleshot shotgun?

Bill Goforth has an excellent book on the H&R shotguns. You can do an internet search to find a copy.

Where do you find serial number on New Parker shotgun?

Check under the forearm

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial number 1760?


When did Hopkins and Allen manufacturer the Forehand shotgun 153922?

@ turn of the century

Value of Hopkins Allen shotgun serial?

100 USD or so

Where can you purchase replacement forend for a Weatherby Regency Shotgun?

It is a shame that a quality shotgun like the Weatherby O/U has a forearm that can not handle its own recoil without cracking the forearm. I have always admired the Weatherby. Now with my Orion O/U 12 ga. The forearm continues to cracking. In my skeet league, I can know longer recommend a Weatherby shotgun. Can't handle the continuous shooting. Charlie

What is the value of a J C Higgins model 58317 shotgun?

This was made by Harrington & Richardson. Probably a model 10 or 120. (is this a singleshot? If so, value about $75 or less.AnswerIf the shotgun you have is a 12ga please do not fire your shotgun and go to this web sight:

Who made a 16 gauge shotgun with World's Fair stamped on it?

Hopkins & Allen

When was Hopkins and Allen shotgun made with serial number S9469 made?


Were can you get A forearm for revelation 12GA shotgun? has about the best selection of gun parts in the country. Start there.

Where can you get a replacement forearm for a stoeger p350 shotgun?

Call the company 1 800 264 4962

How does the forearm on a savage 99 .410 shotgun barrel attach?

The one my dad has uses the same forearm. It should just snap on just like it does on the rifle barrel.

Info on Hopkins Allen Arms falling block shotgun?

What information would you like?

Hopkins Allen 44 cal shotgun need vulue?

I have a Hopkins Allen shot gun 44 cal. model 299 it was my grandmothers can you help me anyone.

Where is the serial number on an Ithaca Gun Co Double Barrel Shotgun?

Watertable, forearm metal, and barrels

Where can you buy a forearm for a WM Parkhurst double barrel shotgun?

Try the related links for further information.

Where can you buy a forearm for a browning b-2000 shotgun?

Try Mid West Gun Works

Need a forearm for a long tom shotgun?

I need a wood forearm piece that fits under the barrel of any shape for a gun that is just going to hang on the wall. cosmitics is all i am after.

How can you find parts to restore a Hopkins and Allen double barrel shotgun?