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Try ebay. I just bought a new stock for $60.I believe they had a couple trigger guards. Steve.

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Q: Where can you get a stock and trigger guard for a Savage model 311?
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Where can you find a trigger guard for a savage arms model 6d?

The trigger guard is available from Numrich Gun Parts. There are two different types of trigger guards for the Savage 6d. The plastic guard that has a inletted area for the trigger guard in the stock and the simple bent metal trigger guard that just screws into the stock wood. Plastic trigger guard is product # 103530U $24.10 Metal guard is product # 10543OAL $11.50

Where can you find a stock trigger guard for a 22 caliber Ranger Model 101.19?

We have them.

Will a model 7 stock fit a 600 mohawk?

A model 7 stock would not fit a 600 Mohawk. The stock and the trigger guard do not line up correctly, although the stock may fit on the gun.

Where can you find a trigger guard for a j Stevens mod 84c 22 rifle?

The Stevens 84C (Stevens was owned by Savage Arms, and the 84C is the same as the Savage 4C) was made with two different trigger guards during its production life. One was a simple curved steel trigger guard that was mounted to the surface of the stock. The other was a larger cast aluminum alloy trigger guard that fit into an "inlet" (cutout area) on the stock. Both types of trigger guards are still available (in Jan 2012) from Numrich (aka Gun Parts Corp)

What is the difference between glenfield model 60 Old style and model 60 new style?

The "New Model" 60 has a bolt hold-open lever that extends through the trigger guard. The bolt, bolt hold-open parts, trigger guard, and stock are different.

What are the differences between Stevens models 39A 59A 59B and 59C?

The model 39A had a cast trigger guard and the front screw holds the receiver to the stock. The models 59's all have a stamped trigger guard that is held in place with wood screws. The take-down screw is in front of the trigger guard. The model 59B has a black forend tip.

How do you remove the trigger guard from a 30-06 Browning BAR if there are no pins?

To remove the trigger guard from an older browning bar you unscrew the butt plate from the stock. Then you need a long flat head screw driver The stock is removed from inside the stock . Once stock ios removed the trigger guard can be removed by sliding backwards. Hope this helps

Can you fit a Remington 700 BDL in an ADL stock?

yes a BDL rifle will fit a ADL stock but the trigger guard will not but a new trigger guard can be bought for 20 to 50 dollars and

What is the difference in a savage xp and a regular rifle?

Stock and trigger are two that come to mind.

What is a Stevens 539A?


Where can you find a stock for a revelation model 300F shotgun?

It a Savage model 30H

Where can you get a rifle stock for your wards western field model 36d or trigger guard?

You might try this link. Copy and paste it.

How do you get a newused stock for a M60 ward's western field shotgun?

Try searching for a Savage model 620A or Stevens 620 stock on ebay, or The model M060 Westernfield is a Stevens 620, while a Westernfield model 60 is the Savage 620A

Where can you find a stock and forearm for a Savage Model 99 F?

Try on They list stocks for the Savage Model 99. I have bought several from this sight for my Model 99 Collection.

Where can you get the stock screws for a savage model 10?


Where is the serial number on a marlin model 99 22 rifle?

try looking under the trigger guard. That's where I found my Model 99 M1 Cal-22LRserial number

What is the value of savage model 10 243 Winchester?

I just paid $377 at Wal-Mart for the synthetic stock accu-trigger model 10 in 243. I just paid $377 at Wal-Mart for the synthetic stock accu-trigger model 10 in 243. Well i just paid 1 dolla for a model 226934 automatic 243 Winchester boo ya rarest in the land!!! And that was at K-mart!

How do you disasemble a Revelation Model 115 22 bolt action rifle?

Your rifle was made by Savage for Western Auto. It is a Savage Model 46. You can contact Savage for an owners manual. It is a very basic bolt action. Remove the screw on the underside of the forearm to take action out of stock. Push the 2 pins out that hold the trigger group in place, and you can remove the bolt. gunpartscorp was a schematic at their website, under savage 46.

Where can you find a stock and trigger guard for a Crescent double barrel shotgun?

try gunstocks inc

What part of a shot gun is called the tang?

The metal part that extends for some distance along the top of the butt stock is the receiver tang. There also may be a trigger guard tang which will extend from the rear of the trigger guard bow onto the bottom of the wrist of the butt stock.

What is the value of 22 rifle marlin model 80 gold trigger and medallion in stock walnut stock?


Does anyone make a pistol-grip stock for a Savage Model 110?

custom proposition

Stock for Stevens savage arms model 9478?

A breakdown of the parts for a Stevens Savage Arms Model 9478 is found in the book The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly Part V - Shotgun. It has exploded views of the stock and its availability on the market.

Where can you get a stock and a trigger guard for a crescent arms double barrel 12 ga? has everything you need.

What is the value of a savage model 110 30-06 with wood stock?

400 dollar range

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