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Q: Where can you get a vip card for imvu in stores?
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Related questions

How do you be a imvu VIP without a credit card?

all you have to do is go to the bank then if you have an account then tell them make you vip it works

How can you get free vip for imvu?

There is no such thing as free VIP for IMVU, websites that did provide VIP would take your password, pay for your VIP, send the credits to their account and steal the rest of your credits.

Can someone tell m3 about IMVU prepaid cards Do you have to buy one monthly?

no you dont have to buy them monthly but whenever you buy them and type in the code imvu will give you the option to also become VIP depending on how many credits your card is worth will determine how long you get VIP

Where do you type in the vip code on imvu?

Imvu is havinq this qreat deal where yhu buy a $50 pre paid card or purchase $50 worth of credits by credit card/phone and use this code and qet $10 off AND 100,000 credits instead of 40,000 AND vip all for $40 COOL RIGHT! The code is : S5YMFL48AS

How do I get rid of vip on imvu please help?

You can easily cancel it by just canceling it on your credit card Easy

Does vip come with a new name on imvu?

When You First Make An Imvu, Its Says That Get 5,000 For 1$. So That Mean It Does NOT Come With The Vip

What are credits on IMVU?

On IMVU, credits are money, dollars. With credits, you can buy clothing and stuff. IMVU cards are avliable at many stores, and you are able to get 25,000 credits from a card at the store that costs $25.00.

HOW CAN i get a vip on imvu no survey?

you have to buy it ._.

How do you get free stuff on imvu?

get VIP

How do you make your room public on imvu?

you have to be VIP

Can imvu vip create clothes?

Yes they can

How can you get a free vip on imvu?

Nonsense, you can't do that! You MUST pay for a VIP membership or you may get banned. cgf

Can you still get somebody a vip pass on imvu even tho you have vip?

no , don't share live your self

How do you become a vip imvu without paying?

You cant

What is Valhalla vip?

Hola queria saber--como me hago vip en imvu aparte del codigo

How do you get free access pass on imvu?

You can't get "free Access Pass" on IMVU, you have to have a credit or debit card to activate the actual thing. Anything with like "cheap AP" is usually a scam for you money, there's no such thing as free Access Pass nor is there such thing as free VIP, they all need to have a credit card related to them in order for them to work. Hope this helps. :)

What are the codes for vip on imvu?

NYKKVZGS26 Is one of the best codes

How do you hide advertising in imvu?

You need to be a VIP then advertising will be hidden

Does IMVU cost money?

No it is free unless you buy Vip

Where do you go to remove guest off of your name in imvu?

get vip

How do you get undressed in imvu?

You have to be a VIP in order to do that or jut buy a nude skin from the shop.

Where is the vip code on a credit card?

The VIP code on the credit card is located at the back of the credit card.

On imvu what can the vip members do?

You Receive 1,500 Credits Every Months .

How do you create your own shop on imvu?

I beleave you have to be a vip but you can still get vip for like 20/12 bucks you should add me Babebemine123 :)

Can you buy a moviestarplanet vip gift card in stores?

You know you shouldn't ask yourself for your own answers. Anyway, you CANNOT get it in stores. There is a VIP Gift Certificate online. You have to buy it online. I hope this helps.