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algae grows naturally in water , try water and sunlight

Algae is found where the capacity of water and sunlight is more.. because it helps algae for photosynthesis. ....

Algae is also the photo synthetic plant..

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Q: Where can you get algae?
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What are different types of algae?

Some of the types of algae are staghorn algae, black brush or beard algae, green spot algae, and green thread hair algae. Other types of algae are green water algae, and black green algae.

What are the three types of multicellular algae?

red algae, green algae, and brown algae

Is algae scavengers?

No , Algae are not scavengers . Algae are producers .

How much algae do algae eaters need?

Algae Eaters (in general) cannot survive on just Algae. Once all the Algae is cleared give them ORGANIC vegetables and ALGAE WAFERS...........

What is the difference between Black algae and green algae?

black algae's dead, and green algae is alive.

What algae is single cell algae?

most algae in the world is single celled but there are a few algae that are multicellular

Is algae prokaryotic?

Cyanobacteria is a prokaryotic algae, while red algae (rhodophyta), green algae (chlorophyta), & brown algae (chromophyta) are eukaryotic

What are the three body types of algae?

There are actually four body types of algae. They are Cynobacteria (blue green algae), Rhodophyta (red algae), Paeophyceae (brown algae), and Chlorophyta (green algae).

What is the Difference between fresh water algae and marine algae?

marine algae lipid is more than freshwater algae and marine algae is resistant to infection

What is the largest group of algae?

The largest group of algae is brown algae.

What is the plural word for algae?

The plural for algae is actually just algae

What are algae like?


How does algae look?


What does plasmodium eat?

A Plasmodium diet consists of many types of algae. The main algae that Plasmoduim consume on a regular basis is the red algae, but it also enjoys green algae, blue algae, and yellow algae as well.

How many species of algae are there in the world?

Black algae Blue algae Blue green algae Brown algae Golden algea Green algae Hair algae Marine algae Mustard algae Pink algae Red algea Spirulina algae String algae Here Are Some Types.... :)

What different kinds of algae are there?

There are lots of different kinds ofo algae. There are Chlorophytes (green algae) Rhodophytes (red algae), chrysophyta ( golden/brown algae) and lots more!

What are the different kinds of algae?

Algae is further divided into different groups, which are the following: dinoflagellates, euglena, diatom, green algae, red algae and brown algae

What are macro and micro algae?

micro algae are algae that can only be seen through a microscope. Macro algae, however, can be seen with the naked eye. moss is an example of macro algae

Are algae unicellular or multicellular?

Algae can be unicellular or multicellular, depending on what type of algae it is.

Is Plankton a type of Algae?

Plankton is not algae. Plankton eats algae though.

Is seaweed an algae?

Yes, seaweed is algae. Algae is actually Latin for seaweed.

Examples for red algae green algae?

An example of a red algae is Agar.

Why do green algae red algae and brown algae have different pigments?

Their DNA.

What are some foods that contain algae?

Brownie mix(red,brown algae) , cheese(green algae), coffee creamer(Red,green algae) , evaporated milk(Red algae), Ice cream(Red,green algae)

How Brown algae differ from red algae and green algae?

Yes, Brown algae differs from Red and Green algae because Brown algae is used as a thickener in alot of foods. Red and Green algae are used for most of the time for fish and other underwater animals to eat.