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Atrac3 is another name for Sony's protected file type called ".oma". This file is heavily protected and can only be played on a limited number of computers, using Sony's SonicStage software as a default player. To convert this file to an .mp3 file

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Q: Where can you get an Atrac3 Plus converter?
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What format do minidisc recorder save audio in?

Most minidisc recorders record in ATRAC3 plus format.

Is there any program aside from Goldwave that can export atrac3 wavs?

Sony Sonicstage can create ATRAC3 files. These are compressed audio files, not WAVe files.

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How do you get your computer to recognize OMA files?

These are Sony ATRAC3 audio files. You will need Sonicstage software to convert the files to other formats.

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Where does one find an MP3 Atrac3 plus burner and how does one change format on a laptop PC if burner is not available?

Download SonicStage from Sony. Atrac is a Sony proprietary format. It can also convert from Atrac to MP3. If the content is protected, the sound can be converted using most Creative soundblaster cards, which can record "what you hear" and save it into several other formats.

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The HMA file is an ATRAC3 audio file which is used for high-end sound recording. You can convert HMA file to MP3 format by using online conversion software, such as the one by Sony.

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