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Use surf by the

valley windworks

and go right.

There you willl find it.

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You can find electrizer in valley windworks.

Get electribuzz Electrizer and trade it

you get an electrizer and then trade it

Trade it with it holding an Electrizer

sometimes you can get it from an elekid (before evolution of electabuzz) then once you get the electrizer you use it on electabuzz then it will evolve.

Electrizer? Surf behind valley windwork

1. Find an Electrizer item 2. Trade the Electibuzz with the Electrizer to a friend and it will evolve

at valley windworks go right and follow the path and get the pokeball, inside there will be the electrizer trade a electabuzz holding the electrizer and trade back to get a electrive

it is near the valley windworks in a little patch of grass

you should buy the book it costes 20 buck my cousin has it

You have to trade while u have electrobuzz and he is holding a electrizer

You can find an electrilizer behind the valley windworks by using surf

you find the electrizer at the valley windworks or held by a wild elekid

Electabuzz evolves into Electivire if you trade it while it is holding an Electrizer.

What i did to get the electrizer is go to valley windworks.Then used surf behind the fence next to the building.There are two pokeballs.The one next to the windmill is the electrizer and the one behind the building is TM 24 Thunderbolt.

You trade it to someone while it's holding an item called the Electrizer.

Go to Valley Windworks and use surf. There is TM24 Thunderbolt near by.

Make it hold an Electrizer (Surf behind Valley Windworks) and trade

Electivire is only in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, so it doesn't exist in Silver. To get one, you must trade Electabuzz while it is holding a electrizer, which is only found in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and it is not possible to trade between those games either.

trade it witha friend when its holding an electrizer and then ask friend to trade back

You get electivire by making an Electabuzz hold an electrizer, which is held by wild elekid 20% of the time.

get fire red and insert it in the gba slot. then go to valley wind works just off floroma and look for elekid. Some elekid will have electrizer. Hope it helps

at valley wind works near the grass use surf & go around the fence & pick up the item and you get the electrizer that's how i got mine and now i have a electrive.

1.Catch a Electrabuzz. 2.Give it to him. 3.Trade with a friend. 4.Get it back. You will get a Electrivire.

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