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Maybe Canon website the company that manufactures the camera

2008-09-08 01:05:01
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1035 steel....France: AFNOR CC 35Germany: DIN 1.0501Italy: UNI C 35Sweden: SS 1550United Kingdom: B.S. 060 A 35 , B.S. 080 A 32 , B.S. 080 A 35 , B.S. 080 A 37 , B.S. 080 M 36United States: AMS 5080 , AMS 5080D , AMS 5082 , AMS 5082A , ASTM A108 , ASTM A29 , ASTM A510 , ASTM A519 , ASTM A544 , ASTM A545 , ASTM A546 , ASTM A576 , ASTM A682 , FED QQ-S-635 (C1035) , FED QQ-S-700 (1035) , SAE J403 , SAE J412 , SAE J414 , UNS G10350

How many amps is the fuse for the power locks?

See the owners manual or a service manual.

Where is the fuse for the power locks?

In the fusebox, look in the owners manual if you have it.

What are the technical details of a Canon EF 24 105mm?

The technical details of the camera known as a Canon EF 24 105mm can be found by looking inside of the owners manual for that specific type of camera.

What fuse is for the power windows?

Your owners manual has a complete diagram of fuse location and what they protect.

What fuse operates the power sunroof on the 2006 dodge charger?

Look in your owners manual.

Owners manual for a toshiba 51h83 tv?

See below for the Owners manual.

Where can you download canon palm printer P1-DH V manual?

Where can I get a manual for a Canon Palm Print P1 DHV

Where is the power window fuse for a 2003 impala?

It should be in the fuse box, check in your owners manual.

How much horse power is a John Deere 4240 s?

Owners manual says 135hp.

Where is fuse for power trunk releas on 2008 charger?

Look in your owners manual and it should tell you.

How do you set the clock on a 1998 Chevy Metro LSI?

Owners manual. Regarding my question, the car came without an owners manual I do not have an owners manual either.

Where do you get a 2004 Suzuki VL800 owners manual?

Where do you get a 2004 Suzuki VL800 owners manual

How can you get a owners manual for 1997 Monte Carlo?

You can download the owners manual for your Monte at

Where can you download a volkswagen cabrio owners manual?

owners manual 1995 Volkswagen cabrio

Where can one get a manual for the Canon 1000d?

A manual for the Canon 1000d is usually provided in the box that it comes in but can also be found on the USA Canon website. One can also get informational video on this camera from YouTube.

Crosman 760 owners manual?

For an owners manual go to ( See the link Below ) you will find your manual on the web page.

Do you have a Canon MP27D adding machine instruction manual?

Check the Canon website for manuals.

How do you set time on canon faxphone L170?

Page 47 in the user manual has step by step instructions. Easy Peasy! The manual can be found on the canon website or just google "canon faxphone L170 manual" and a dozen links will show up.

Where to get an owner's manual for a canon 710 fax machine?

Our Habitat for Humanity affiliate had a Canon 710 fax machine donated with no manual. We have no clue how to set it up. Needing an owner's manual.

Where can you get a manual for the Canon PC1080 digital camera?

you can get any manual from canon at this website. Click on download library and follow directions. I believe you are looking for the power shot A400 series, which has a product number of PC 1080

Where can you get a instruction manual?

canon powershot A570IS

Where can you find a Crosman pulse r73 owners manual?

See the link below for the owners manual

Where can you get the owners manual for a Chevy Impala?

Go to this web site and download any PDF owners manual they have It's a GM website

Do cars have to be sold with an owners manual?

Brand new cars must have an owners manual when sold but used cars do not and more often than not there is no owners manual in a used car.