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You get the cheats from this website "".

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โˆ™ 2006-06-17 12:07:36
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Q: Where can you get cheats for Pokemon Playground?
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Is there any cheats for playground bomba?


Cheats for Pokemon for Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Pokemon Leaf Green don't have a Cheats.

Cheats for Pokemon puzzle?

there is no such thing as cheats for Pokemon puzzle

Is there cheats on Pokemon white?

There are no "button cheats" for any Pokemon game.

Cheats for Pokemon ruby?

no cheats

How do you type in cheets on Pokemon?

You have to have the action replay DS cheats to do the cheats on Pokemon my brother has the cheats for the ds...

How do you get rare Pokemon without cheats on Pokemon emerald?

You Need Cheats The Wild Pokemon Modifier.

Where do you get TM 52 in Pokemon diamond?

cheats cheats cheats

What are the cheats for pokemon LeafGreen?

There are no cheats for ANY Pokemon games unless you have a gameshark

Where can you find cheats for Pokemon Emerald?

you can find all Pokemon cheats at

Ar Pokemon cheats?

Here are some Pokemon cheats for pearl: Rebattle

Does you cheat hold Pokemon cheats?

Yes, my cheat holds Pokemon cheats.

What are the cheats for Pokemon Ranger 2?

thare are no cheats for Pokemon ranger 2

How do you get Pokemon Celebi in Pokemon Diamond without any cheats?

you do need cheats

What are some Pokemon Stadium cheats?

cheats can spoil the game search Pokemon stadium Pokemon codes

Pokemon league CHEATS?

There are No Cheats to this game

What are the cheats for Pokemon battle fire?

The cheats for ruby are the cheats for battlefire

Cheats that let you get Pokemon?

Yes, there are cheats that let you get pokemon. it depends on which game you have though.

What Pokemon cheats are there for Pokemon pearl on Nintendo ds?

you can find cheats for it at or

Pokemon Crystal version cheats that get you good Pokemon?

There are no cheats for any Pokemon game unless you have an action replay.

When will there be cheats for Pokemon Black and white?

There are already cheats!

How do you put cheats on Pokemon ruby PC?

Click cheats Click cheats

Cheats for islands 8 and 9on Pokemon?

go to Google type in Pokemon cheats and you will find it

On Pokemon cheats I've done the cheats now how do i play Pokemon?

i think you go to space

All the cheats in Pokemon pearl you already beat the Pokemon league?

Type in (Pokemon pearl cheats) online. Go to they will give you all the cheats you need! Thanks for your time!