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There are two kinds of insurance that cover condominiums.

1. The association buys a master policy to insure all the real estate assets owned in common by all the owners. You pay this premium from your monthly assessments.

2. A unit owner buys an HO-6 policy, that insures what the owner owns, including personal property. You pay for this individually. You can purchase 'actual cash value' (depreciated value) or guaranteed replacement cost' (replace with new) coverage.

Consult your governing documents and your master policy to determine what you need to insure so that your HO-6 policy dovetails with the master policy: you don't want overlapping insurance, nor do you want any gaps in coverage.

Furthermore, understand that the coverage that you purchase, may be distinct from the coverage of the master policy, covers that which is "within the four walls" of the unit, whereas the association policy covers the structure itself (the "common areas"). Or not.

Best practices dictate that you work with a broker or agent who understands associations, so that you get exactly the coverage you need.

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Q: Where can you get condo insurance?
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Where can one find information on condo insurance?

Condo insurance can be purchased at the same places that sell homeowners insurance and will cover the costs of your property inside your condo and will pay for damages incurred.

What insurance companies will provide homeowner or condo insurance for a rental condo without having to insure your primary residence in my case rental insurance?

Your local insurance broker can answer your question.

How much should I be paying for condo insurance?

The value of your insurance depends upon the value of your condo. The important thing is that you have enough insurance to replace the condo. If you got the condo for a low price many years ago you can't insure it for that because you'd not be able to get another to replace if it were destroyed. The cost of the insurance on yor condo is based on several factors. In some cases your condo association will dictate the amount of coverage you must have.

What insurance is available for owners of condos?

If you own a condo, you can get basically the same type of insurance as a homeowner, depending on what type of condo you have. If you condo is more like apartments, you may be able to get insurance similar to renters insurance, while if you have a stand alone home, you can basically get just home owner insurance.

Why should you get a condo insurance?

If your condo is insured, you can receive enough cash to replace your damaged belongings. This type of home insurance gives you security and peace of mind, which are definitely worth the additional expense you will pay for the policy.

What company provides good ho6 condo insurance?

Condo insurance is basically renters insurance. You can go to a few different companies to do this, the best and most prominent one is probably State Farm Insurance.

What companies in Chicago offer condo association insurance policies?

State Farm, Progressive and Geico are some well known companies that offer condo association insurance policies. There are local and lesser known companies such as Melendez Insurance that offer condo association insurance policies also.

Upstairs neighbor washer leaked into my condo is she responsible for damages?

Her condo insurance would cover it.

How much does Condo Insurance cost?

A condo insurance costs about $200-$500 a month. You can read more at

Where can someone go to get insurance for a condo home?

Condo insurance is available as a specialist type of home insurance from most mainstream home insurance providers. Some well known examples are State Farm, Bank of America and GEICO.

What insurance company has a cheaper cost to get a condo insurance?

The best way to do comparison shopping for your new condo is to do it online. There are a number of companies that can give you instant quote online.

What is a condo insurance expiration date?

Your insurance policy clearly states its date of expiry.

What are average condo insurance rates in Illinois?

Average condo insurance rates in Illinois are 4.69%. This varies greatly depending on what part of the city you live in, but 4.69% is the common mean and average.

Is fire usually covered by condo insurance?

Condo insurance usually covers fire if it was unintentionally caused. It is always a good idea to read through your policy to be sure. If you do not have a copy, you can call your insurance company and they will send you a new one.

Are collier county Florida condo association insurance costs rising?

A local insurance broker can answer your question.

IF my upstairs condo is untouched by a flood but the building's ground floor is damaged so badly that the entire building is unlivable would my flood insurance protect me?

Let's first review what a condo is. A condominium is an arrangement in which you own your own living space outright (your condo apartment), and you share joint ownership (with all the other condo owners) of the common spaces. There will be (at least) two insurance policies in effect: (1) the condo association policy, which covers (at least) the common areas, and (2) your own personal policy, which covers the contents of your condo apartment, and depending upon your coverage, may also cover the internal structural elements (walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, countertops, etc.) of your specific condo unit. Since there is no damage to your condo unit, your personal condo insurance will probably not apply, even if you have flood insurance. So, the answer to your question depends upon what type of policy your condo association holds. You should therefore ask your condo association.

Who should buy ho6 condo insurance?

HO6 condo insurance covers damage to the interior of the condo and the possessions therein from things such as fire, theft, water damage, etc. The master policy that covers the building only covers exterior damage. HO6 insurance would be necessary in places where wild fires or other natural disasters are somewhat frequent.

What services does the website Homesite offer?

The website Homesite offers various types of insurance sevices. They include homeowner insurance, rental insurance, condo insurance, flood insurance, etc.

Should we get condo insurance?

Yes you shoud get condo insurance! If something bad were to happen natural or not you are going to save a lot of money on repairs and rebuilding that if you dont have will definetly follow you for years. It also may save your credit.

New Condo Owners?

You finally purchased the condo you have always dreamed of. Now it's time to insure your possession. When purchasing condo insurance it's important to know you are going to need two kinds of insurance. Your homeowners insurance covers your new home and a master policy covers the common areas in the condo. The master policy is provided by the condo association. As stated above it covers the common areas in the complex such as the roof, basement and sidewalks. Make sure you read the fine print in this policy, as you don't want to be surprised if something happens. Ask your agent if your insurance coverage will protect you when and if something happens in one of the common areas.

What services does Electric Insurance provide?

Electric Insurance offers six products and services: Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Condo Insurance, Tenants Insurance, Umbrella Insurance and Personal Excess Liability - GE Employee Benefit.

If your condo association is responsible for the exterior of your unit and you suffer interior water damage due to a leak from a foundation problem who is responsible to fix the interior damage?

Let your condo insurance company duke it out with the master policy insurance co.

Who is responsible for costs when a toilet backs up and leaks to unit downstairs in condo?

Your personal condo insurance should cover it under the liability section. It will not be a penalty to you.

What types of insurance are offered by Kemper Insurance?

Kemper Insurance offers many different types of insurance. Kemper offers Automobile, Boat, Home, Renters, Condo, Personal Valuables and Collectibles insurance.

Your neighbors washer leaked and ruined your condo you have no insurance?

It should go on your neighbors insurance, he's the one whos responsible for the damage.