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Where can you get dragon scale in Pokemon pearl?


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October 04, 2009 4:00AM

you can get dragon scale in pearl after you get you're national dex and become the champion. Then you need to catch seadra its a 24.3% chance its holding one.


He's partly right, but mostly wrong, he's kind of right, because you can also get dragon scales on dragonairs, and dratinis at mount coronet, behin the waterfall. But you'll need a seadra to make that dragon scale useful. & it's not 24.3% it's 5%. I'll tell u a easier way and not wasn't poke balls.

1. get a banette with the frisk ability, is u dont already have one. (there usually on route 225 at night and at other grass patches.)

2. Head towards route 226 and start fishing (btw u should put ur banette first in the party.) with a super rod/good rod, if a horsea/seadra and then ur screen will either go "A wild seadra/horsea appeared!" , "Go banette" , "Banette frisked and found a dragon scale!" If it says this it means the horsea/seadra holds a dragon scale. However if it doesn't say "Banette frisked and found a dragon scale" and skips 2 "What will banette do?" This process takes time, and luck.

Hope this helps.


-ty it really helps =)