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Q: Where can you get free restriction codes?
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Need restriction code for Nokia 6300?

you can get restriction codes for your nokia mobile online sites that provides restriction codes.

What does mean cdl permit class A restriction L?

Restriction codes vary by state. In states which use the letter codes, "L" is usually the restriction which prohibits the operation of commercial vehicles that are equipped with air brakes.

What is restriction code 17 on drivers license?

Restriction codes vary by state. You would need to specify the state you are referring to.

What is a CDL R restriction?

We'd need to know the state - although CDLs are federally regulated, the actual restriction codes do still vary by state.

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Please give me Nokia 5200 restriction codes?

You can get restriction code for your Nokia 5200 mobile phone from at reasonable price and get unlocking instructions from .

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You Can find Myspace codes at for free You Can find Myspace codes at for free

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An absolute comparison is a comparison free from imperfection, free from any restriction or condition

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