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Where can you get free software to burn mp3s onto a disc?

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Try lime wire

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How do you transfer mp3s on a disk to my computer so i can burn an audio CD for my home stereo?

In order to transfer mp3s on a disk you just need to burn them. If your stereo doesn't read mp3s than you need the appropriate software to convert them. Go to google, type "mp3 to wav," click on the program of your choice.

How do you burn mp3s on a dvdr?

You burn them as data on Nero or roxio

You can play music with windows media player but when you go to burn mp3s to a data disc you get errors why?

the mp3 source may be from multiple files, put together piecemeal. If the mp3 source is a commercial CD, the media player may mistransfer/misconvert the signal to the burn disc.

Is there any ware to get free music downloads for your mp3 player without paying or a contract?

i dont know of any software like that but at you can download mp3s for free.

Can mp3s be copied to a DVD and played?

Yes. All you need to do is: 1. install a good DVD burning software. 2. copy and save your mp3 files to your computer. 3. open DVD next copy next tech and click on burn DVD disc. 4. select burn as data and look for the folder where you saved your mp3 files. 5. click select then ok. 6. insert your blank DVD disc and then wait for the burning process to finish. 7. once it's done, remove the the DVD disc and that's it.

I want to put several mp3s into one. How can you put together a mixtape from mp3s?

Get yourself some audio editing software, and follow the directions.

Where can you legally download free Malayalam mp3s?

Free music downloads for mp3s that require nothing?

How do you burn MP3 files from a computer to an audio CD?

you will need a program to burn mp3s to audio CD. try NERO. it is easy to access.

Where can you legally listen to English MP3s and videos online for free?

The internet

What free app do you need for your Ipad 3 in order to download MP3s using Safari?

Itunes is the most common app for IPad3 to download music and MP3s.

Where can one download free IT software?

If you are needing IT software but don't want to pay for there are a few different sites you can check out. The first site is IT Shareware. IT Shareware carries software from shareware to games to MP3s. Another excellent site is CNet. CNet offers both freeware and software you must pay for, but searching for the freeware is pretty simple.

How do you burn MP3s and MP4s from a computer to discs?

You have to have a CD burner on your computer. And if you don't have a program to burn cds go to and type in CD burner programs.

Do Mini disc players use mp3s or .wav files?

They use .wav files but the files can be converted to MP3's if need be.

Where can you get mp3s for free?

your mum get her to give you some money to buy it you silly chav

Where can one download mp3s free legally?

There are several outlets one can visit to download MP3s legally. Firstly would be to visit the artist's webpage as they sometimes upload a free version of their song. Amazon at times will also offer free MP3 downloads as well.

Are mp3 files and CD's compatible?

If you burn Mp3s to a CD (Burn as DATA not Audio), then you will be able to fit far more music onto it.Providing you have a CD player that can play back DATA CDs this will work much better for you than burning audio.Instead of having upto say 20 tracks you could have 300 on one disc!

Where can you legally download free songs on MP3 format to use on windows movie maker? has free downloads of MP3s

How can you get sound files on the internet?

It isn't always illegal to burn music from the internet, silly plums!You can download MP3s from bands who give their stuff away for here is one way to do .You can get sound files by writing

Where can you download free mp3s?

Try Limewire and here is a video on how to get the pro version for free.

What is the most popular mp3 music site?

iTunes is by far the most popular mp3 site, for music and videos. You can download free mp3s, and also purchase mp3s from iTunes. The website is

What are the best sites to download music for free?

goto register for free-there you can listen to music and download mp3s even create a playlist.

Where can you get free anime mp4s?

all I know is anime mp3s try this link:

How do you burn MP3s files onto a CD in the order you want?

The easiest way is to rename the files, ie: Track001.mp3, Track002.mp3, etc.

Can you download Itunes stuff onto an MP3 player?

You can burn MP3s to a CD and they'll play just fine on almost any modern CD