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You can get them at Zumiez, the Vans store, Hot Topic, or Rue 21.

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Which do you prefer a guy with a skinny jeans or a guy with loose clothes?

A GUY WITH LOOSE JEANS.Answer #2: I actually prefer a guy with skinny jeans, but that's your choice.(:

What should a guy wear with skinny jeans?

Another pair of skinny jeans

Do straight boys wear skinny jeans?

Yes! but super skinny jeans is overdoing it...super skinny jeans are uncomfortable for guys. guys skinny jeans are about as skinny as girl's slim jeans, so they arn't super skinny. If a guy is skinny and medium to short (and isn't old DX), they look good.

What does it mean when a girl says she likes skinnies?

It can mean different things. If shes talking about a guy, then a skinny guy. It's usually skinny jeans though. It can mean different things. If shes talking about a guy, then a skinny guy. It's usually skinny jeans though.

Skinny jeans or super skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans super skinny is to tight

What is a good turn on for a guy?

Skinny jeans. Nice, low-rise skinny jeans. And letting him know from the get-go that you think he's hot.

Is it weird if a guy wears skinny jeans?

Not if you consider the alternative.

How do you wear skinny jeans with nike dunk lows I'm a guy?

wear it like a man. avoid wearing too skinny jeans. make sure your jeans are not too tight, because you're a man :D skinny jeans look good with dunk lows

Does Walmart have skinny jeans?


When did skinny jeans come out?

skinny jeans come out 2007.

Why girls wear tight jeans?

because they make girls look skinny. If girls wore boyfriend jeans, then their legs would look fat. Yet, skinny jeans, are not skinny and wide as boyfriend jeans, which make girls look SKINNY. (Tight jeans are skinny jeans)

Where can you buy skinny leg jeans?

You can buy skinny jeans almost anywhere other jeans are sold. Even places like Walmart usually have skinny jeans.

What are straight jeans and are they bad for you because skinny jeans are?

Straight jeans and skinny jeans are the same design of jeans. If you don't like how you look in skinny jeans, I recommend not to wear straight jeans either. I personally hate skinny jeans on myself, but I love flares. I'm guessing those will suit you as well.

Can a fat guy wear skinny jeans?

This depends on the fabric of the jeans and/or the size of the persons legs. Though the most likely answer would be no.

Are loose skinny jeans bad for you cause skinny jeans are?

skinny jeans are only bad for you if you go to sleep with them, because the cut your circulation, and loose skinny jeans, well i don't think those are bad for you

How do you shrink your skinny jeans?

wash the skinny jeans with WARM or HOT water!

Skinny jeans for boys?

yes boys can wear skinny jeans if their not fat

Do vans era go with skinny jeans?

They look good with skinny jeans.

Where do you get super flared skinny jeans?

If they're flared, they're not skinny jeans, are they?

Do ray ray wear skinny jeans?

yes, he wears skinny jeans

Are skinny Jeans the new fashion?

skinny jeans are popular now, but have been around a long time. i've attached a blog about skinny jeans

Should guys wear skinny jeans?

It depends. Normal, average legged guys usually look good in skinny jeans. NO. Not the really extra tight ones. Avoid those. But loose, dark skinny jeans can look pretty sexy on a guy. skinny jeans look good on a guy ONLY if he sags them! if they are fitted then definitely not. Yes guys should wear skinny jeans only if they go good on them. Don't wear them please, if you are really skinny, you will look really weird. My personal opinion is that LEVIS 510 skinny jeans, they are the best skinnys. ___________________________________________________________________ To start with I agree with the person above. LEVIS 510 are the best. OK hear me out. Guys look good in skinny jeans only if they can fit you. If you are fat than please forget about it. I wear them and my girlfriends think I look sexy in them.

Should boys be allowed to wear skinny jeans?

In my opinion yes. I think guys look good in skinny jeans although I prefer straight leg jeans to skinny jeans.

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