Where can you get help if you think you have ADHD?


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2010-05-09 06:23:14
2010-05-09 06:23:14

Try to find a neurologist near you and schedule an appointment there to get evaluated. I got referred by my psychologist but I would believe that you can just sign up for an evaluation. I hope you find the help you need.


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ADHD is genetic. If you think they learned it somewhere, then that is a behavior disorder and not ADHD.

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adhd can not be treated and pills or patches can help to calm you down but not cure the adhd!

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There many supplements you can get for people that have ADHD. Supplements like zinc, fish oil, and melatonin can help with people diagnosed with adhd.

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Individuals with ADHD don't share a common topic they think about. However, people with ADHD probably think about more things on average due to being unable to focus.

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